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A cult van with a unique value: The BRABUS MB 100.

The BRABUS MB 100 drives through a lush green landscape

Only about a hundred BRABUS MB 100s are said to be available. MYVAN found one of them.

The MB 100 was not only from AMG.

There is scarcely another van about which so little is known as the BRABUS MB 100 – something many people do not know: Along with its brother, the AMG MB 100, it is the second tuning version of the popular Mercedes-Benz van produced in the Spanish Basque Country between 1988 and 1995. According to the tuning experts from Bottrop, there are only about 100 of them worldwide. This makes it a real rarity.

Detailed view of a BRABUS MB 100 rim

The alloy wheels are a characteristic feature of the BRABUS MB 100.

In its day, a true benchmark.

The MB 100, affectionately also known as the “Kutter”, it was available in its basic configuration with a 2.4-litre diesel engine with 72 and later 75 hp. If you add a zero to your model designation, you get its approximate payload of 1,000 kilograms or one ton. It is available in all body variants, starting with the flatbed and various box variants up to the window shuttle bus, which offers space for nine people. The seats can be optionally aligned with each other along with a table in the middle.

Different views of the BRABUS MB 100 from the original brochure

Seats aligned with each other and a sports exhaust – this can be seen in the original brochure.

The subtle differences: The BRABUS kit.

And what are the special features of the BRABUS version of the MB 100? The BRABUS kit includes a generous front spoiler with auxiliary lights from Hella and alloy wheels with the BRABUS emblem. The rear axle is also equipped with special leaf springs. The rear is about eight centimeters lower, which is why the van with normal roof has a height of about 1.95 meters. Last but not least, there is a side sports exhaust made of aluminum with a double trim.

  • View of the front spoiler with additional headlights from front-left
  • Front view on the BRABUS MB 100
  • Matthias is walking in front of his BRABUS MB 100
  • Matthias Sperber opens the passenger door of the BARBUS MB 100

I wanted an all-rounder that was inexpensive to buy and could be used both as a van and a small motorhome.

Between everyday life and holidays with the BRABUS MB 100.

MYVAN was able to find Matthias Sperber, one of the world’s few BRABUS MB 100 owners, in a tranquil village in Bavaria. “I wanted an all-rounder that was inexpensive to buy and could be used both as a van and a small motorhome,” he explains. Via an acquaintance from an MB 100 fan forum he finally found his current BRABUS. With this, he regularly goes to festivals and to Scotland for the third time this year. For this purpose Matthias has installed a removable homemade bed. Also in everyday life, the van is always his loyal companion. And with 72 hp? “Driving becomes frugal. You are just a bit more relaxed on the road,” says Matthias.

Van profile BRABUS MB 100 D


old snout, normal roof, window van


1.95 m


4.66 m


1.85 m

Year of construction





825 kg

Engine performance

53 KW/72 PS

Fold in
Fold out

Something for collectors.

Only a few optical details separate the BRABUS MB 100 from its original version. The “Kutter” itself is and remains a multifunctional classic. However, if you are looking for a rare vehicle with sporty design accents, the BRABUS model is the ideal choice.

View into the vehicle interior with built-in bed

Matthias uses this bed for longer journeys.

The BRABUS MB 100 is parked on a narrow road in the middle of the countryside

With the “Kutter” you can make everyday trips as well as longer journeys.

The vehicle in profile with open doors

Matthias is currently in the process of further developing the interior of the vehicle.

Detailed view of the BRABUS logo on the front of the vehicle

Matthias ordered the BRABUS emblem especially for this vehicle.

The shown conversions were carried out by independent third parties. The suppliers and conversions were not checked by Mercedes-Benz. In this respect, these illustrations do not represent an assessment of the supplier and/or conversions by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos: Dennis Blass, Matthias Sperber


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