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L 319 nostalgia: the most beautiful models in one place.

Mercedes-Benz L 319 at the annual convention

Twice a year the members of the 319 club with their historical treasures meet up for a very special gathering in northern Germany.

The L 319 family reunion.

Wolfram Ufert puts on the handbrake of his L 319 with a loud squeak. The L 319 Family members are parked on a grassy field in Großefehn in northern Germany on a cloudy Saturday morning. The first members of the L 319 club climb out of their vintage vans and walk onto the grounds. Ufert puts his polishing cloth into his jacket pocket and walks over to the buffet. Along the way the club members welcome him warmly. Hot coffee is served in plastic cups, people gather in groups and talk casually. The friendly atmosphere has characterized the convention since 1999 where the members share their experience and stories about the L 319. In the evening they relax around the campfire.

The L 319 as a loyal companion.

Whether “Everybody’s Darling” or “Killer Charm”: Every owner has their own associations with the L 319. Wolfram Ufert likes to reminisce about the moment when he “fell in love” with his L 319 at a classic cars market in 1989. The L 319 holds many memories for Wolfram Ufert. Hours of restoration work in his garage and trips to Denmark in summer. Many such tales are told while the group wanders among the newly arrived vehicles. For example, Uwe from Aurich restored the furniture transporter which belonged to his uncle, who had promised him the L 319 when he was a child.

Mercedes-Benz L 319 at the L 319 club convention.

An L 319 flatbed with a campervan body.

One van – unlimited options.

The L 319 minivan and the O 319 minibus represent true icons of the economic miracle. The diversity made them day-to-day heroes: whether as furniture transporters, for beverage deliveries or as a family van. The front section of the L 319 reflects the positive attitude of these years: it has what is known as a “baby face”. The round headlights and the radiator grille form a face which arouses human sympathy. Wolfram Ufert pours himself a hot coffee.

We all have different L 319s and all come from various walks of life. But the L 319-Club has become one big family.

The L 319 as minibus.

The L 319 as a minibus is the perfect partner for both short and long trips.

The L 319 wit panoramic windows.

A nostalgic beauty: The L 319 minibus with panoramic windows is an eyecatcher.

The L 319 as a fire department service van.

The L 319 was a popular service vehicle.


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