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An N 1300 from Spain in Los Angeles.

Mike's N 1300 at the edge of a road

Hiding in Mike's classic car collection is a very special treasure: An N 1300, which has already made a long journey.

Passion takes shape.

Los Angeles, California, 39 year old Mike opens the gates to his sacred halls revealing a collection of classic cars selected with love and care. At the heart of it all: A Spanish Mercedes-Benz N 1300, built in 1979, Mike explains to us as he walks slowly through the rows of his collection, that his passion for cars began as a child. In his teenage years, his passion turned more and more towards classics until he finally began collecting them in the late 1990s. He has fulfilled a dream; Mike enthuses and stops next to his favorite van. A small business has also arisen from this: By renting the vehicles to companies in the entertainment sector, he can offset part of the costs.

Mike's lemon yellow Mercedes-Benz N 1300 parked in the sunlight on a mountain road

Mike’s N 1300 in the hills of Los Angeles.

The centerpiece of the collection.

The fact that not any old vehicle gets a place in Mike’s collection is best illustrated by the story of the N 1300. After Mike had seen the vehicle in several online forums, there was a growing desire to be able to park it in his own garage. From the very first second he saw the vehicle in its original condition, he fell in love, Mike recounts as he gently strokes the hood of his favorite lemon yellow van. The problem: The vehicle was located in Spain – exactly where the van had been built in the late 1970s. And transporting it from Europe to California did not seem to be a convincing argument for a purchase. But somehow Mike could not get the angular van with its striking front out of his head. The numerous inquiries into the technical and historical details only reinforced this desire. When the vehicle was finally offered on Ebay, the decision was made. The N 1300 was to become his. And the journey began.

People turn around curiously because they realize that it’s a rare vehicle – especially when they see the big Mercedes star on the front grill.

The journey of the N 1300.

The van was shipped from Spain to the United States and then transported to Los Angeles. An effort that was worthwhile. “Being in the van is an incredible feeling for me every time. People turn around curiously because they realize that it’s a rare vehicle – especially when they see the big Mercedes star on the front grill.” smiles Mike and intuitively touches the shiny star. In Los Angeles, people live the reputation of their city: They fulfill their heart’s desires and own the most incredible cars. Nevertheless, Mike believes that the N 1300 also remains a unique piece of art as well. His pride in it is written all over his face.

Front view of Mike's N 1300

Mike’s N 1300 is a real rarity.

Experiences with the classic van.

Although Mike owns a large collection of special vehicles, the N 1300 remains his favorite, “I like to use the van for trips with my family or friends, go out for a picnic in the countryside or explore interesting locations,” says the American. “Due to the exceptional ambience of the van, special experiences are always guaranteed.” After a last look at his fleet, the young collector closes the gate to his classic car treasures. It remains to be seen which Mercedes-Benz will be allowed to travel to Los Angeles next in order to become part of it. One thing is certain; it will have to be a special vehicle, because in Mike’s collection only the best get a place.

Mike's N 1300 at the edge of a road

Mike likes to use his N 1300 for long trips. The special vehicle always creates a great atmosphere.

The N 1300 is a real eye catcher.

Mike's N 1300 at the edge of the road

Mike fell in love with the lemon yellow N 1300 at first glance.

With the N 1300 Mike always has a piece at home away from home.

Photos: Mike


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