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Culinary delicacies from a classic: the 5 most beautiful food trucks.

The Masala73 driving along a street in Barcelona

Fiery BBQ, spicy from the Far East or freshly brewed: the various stories of the founders of these five food trucks are united by their love for their vintage van and their passion for culinary delicacies.

North Sea fish specialities to take away.

Jan Kegel not only knows how to get plenty of fish into his net, he also knows how to turn old Mercedes-Benz vans into smart seafood trucks. Near the port on the Belgian North Sea coast, the experienced caterer prepares fresh fish specialities in his two Mercedes-Benz 508 D model series vans – from the sea, straight to the plate. The two vehicles, built in 1985 and 1987, come from the stocks of the Dutch and German armies. The Mercedes-Benz 508 D used to serve as an ambulance. Today the inscription “Jean sur Mer” is emblazoned on the beautiful vans and an enticing smell of baked seafood and spices rises from the nautically painted vehicles. After more than 30 years, they now form the basis for Jan’s catering start-up on eight wheels.

Indian flavors meet Catalan cuisine.

Polarizing, multicultural, enchanting: India is the land of culinary and social contrasts. The fascinating sides of Southeast Asia have already captivated some – including Jordi Aros. After a trip to India, the native Catalan and passionate cook decided to share his newly discovered passion for Indian recipes with other people on the streets of Barcelona. If you visit Jordi in his food truck “Masala73”, a Mercedes-Benz 406 D from 1973, you not only go on a journey through time, but also immerse yourself in the world of flavors from Southeast Asia. Only exquisite and selected ingredients are used in “Masala73”. Authentic and well thought-out are not only the Catalan-Indian dishes, but also the green-yellow paint of the body in Lowbrow Art style – a Mercedes-Benz classic van with a Spanish-Far Eastern temperament.

Proud Jordi Aros in front of his Indian food truck

“Masala73” immerses customers in the world of Southeast Asia.

Lobsters, shrimps and steaks from a vintage van.

Take three Dutchmen, a former police van, fiery spices and a barbecue: the surf and turf delicacies from Smokin’ Roaster impress with their top product quality. The crew is passionate about festival life in their Mercedes-Benz L 406 D Food Truck. Smokin’ Roasters inspire their customers with a great deal of attention to detail in the preparation of their food – but the puristically designed classic in richly shining black with wooden trim also remains in the customer’s memory. “There are many trucks, but they don’t have this look,” explain the initiators. The design of the vehicle reflects the mentality of the “Smokin’ Roaster” team: simply tough.

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A Portuguese declaration of love of the black gold.

No smell in the world can compare with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee. Roasting is a craft, lovingly brewed coffee specialities are a rarity. When Francisco, Gonçalo and João light up the eyes of their customers with their black pick-me-up creations, it brings a smile to their faces. The mobile café in the heart of Portugal is a true rarity: the Mercedes-Benz N 1300 is one of the rarest vans in the world and has been converted by the young men with a great deal of dedication and craftsmanship. A special highlight of the vehicle is the legendary OM 615 diesel engine – just as extraordinary as the selected coffee beans from “Combi Coffee”. Here, exquisite taste and exclusive mechanics go hand in hand.

A lively Brit conquers Bristol.

Ewan Murray and Thecla May took the plunge into self-employment – via eBay. What may at first sound curious has become an absolute success: the British culinary artists of “Murray May’s” are hard to miss on the streets of Bristol. The bright turquoise body of the food truck glows in the rainy alleys of the English coastal city. The two young founders discovered the former Dutch military vehicle, a Mercedes-Benz 508 D, on eBay, and redesigned it. On the grill, “Murray May’s” combines seasonal British products with Eastern spices, aromas and scents. “We wanted a vehicle with character that suits us and our food,” says Ewan. Bull’s-eye!

The fiery specialities of “Murray May's”.

All kinds of ingredients are prepared in the “Masala73” truck.

With a lot of love and passion “Masala73” conjures up Indian delicacies.

Fresh fried fish in a basket

It could not be fresher: fish delicacies from “Jean sur Mer” to go.

Photos: Felix Schwarz, Damaris Riedinger, Ewan Murray & Thecla May

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