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Most famous Mercedes-Benz food trucks.

Mercedes-Benz N1300 Combi Coffee

Everybody knows food trucks, but only few know the history behind them and the entrepreneurial possibilities they offer.

Always the center of attention.

Mercedes-Benz food trucks – whether restored and pulled out of a dusty barn or rescued from another destiny, the food trucks have one thing in common: They deliver precious and delicious cargo on four wheels and make their customers happy. They come in different sizes and colours and are always the center of attention wherever they show up. Although some may think Food trucks are a new phenomenon, they actually exist since the 19th century, when a Texas rancher stuffed an old army wagon with food and kitchenware. He even had access to clean water in the wagon and was able to cook: the first food truck was born!

Amazing facts about the history of food trucks


Texas cattle rancher Charles Goodnight stuffs an old army wagon with kitchen equipment and long-life foods such as beans, coffee and dried meat.


A vendor named Walter Scott sells sandwiches and coffee outside a press building to journalists through a small window he cut into his wagon. These so-called „Lunch wagons“ quickly spread.


A former lunch-counter boy named Thomas H. Buckley starts to build different lunch wagons with various model executions. The vehicles contained refrigerators, stoves and sinks.


From so-called “dog wagons” sausage vendors start selling hot dogs to hungry students outside of universities.


Mobile canteens were authorized by the US Army and provided food for the soldiers.


In New York and Los Angeles food trucks are getting more and more popular and influence food truck owners all over the world. With the help of social media, food truck owners can now access large groups of people and inform them about the locations they will be at.

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Flexible and independent.

The biggest advantages of food trucks are their independency and flexibility. That is probably what makes them so popular for both suppliers and customers. They can easily access big events such as concerts and festivals and do not necessarily have a permanent location. Contrary to the well-known snack cars, food trucks do not only provide fast food, but rather high quality food and specialties such as Kobe beef, vegan or vegetarian food or Pulled Pork.

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A lot of space for culinary creativity.

Food trucks are not only self-sufficient, but also affordable. For young entrepreneurs who like to try out different things, a food truck is the perfect starter package. It is way cheaper than a property and leaves a lot of space for creativity. Whether hot dogs, ice cream, burgers or seafood – the culinary diversity of food trucks has no boundaries. Against the background of the growing popularity of food trucks, the competition is increasing, too. Therefore food truck owners tend to sell niche products. But no matter what food is sold in the trucks, everybody is happy when they show up.

Four additional facts about food trucks:

  1. There is a food truck that sells high-class foods that are quite expensive. Or would you still call a caviar and truffles burger for 666$ street food?
  2. Guess what are the most popular foods sold in food trucks? Correct: sandwiches, tacos and burgers.
  3. Street food is illegal in Mexico but is getting more and more popular there.
  4. In some cities it is not allowed for food trucks to get too close to “real” restaurants.

Burger with fresh potato wedges

This burger is called King Ludwig and inspires with Bavarian flair.

Vegan “Mother Trucker” burger.

The vegan “Mother Trucker” burger.

A bagel burger from Round the Way

The bagel as a burger: that is the concept of Round the Way.

A burger of “Meat & Greet” is prepared

When “Meat & Greet” cook their burgers, every move fits precisely.

Beetroot salad from the food truck “Green Truck”.

Healthy and yet tasty: beetroot salad from the food truck “Green Truck”.

Photos: Brandt & Levie Worstmakers, nextPR,, La Rika, Woop Woop Icecream, Volpe Leckerei, LightWav3r & Geyst, Daily Deli, Damaris Riedinger


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