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Night at the Museum 2.0

Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart

In the night of the 18th to the 19th August 2012 the MB Museum in Stuttgart invited around 30 Car-Bloggers from Germany to a very special event: One night long the treasuries of the museum were their owns.

Classics up close

In contrast to the correspondent movie no cars awakened in the night, but the bloggers got a special night-time guide through the museum. For many of the car-addicts a dream came true: gloved and with a lot of fine feeling they traced the curves of the exclusive classics, had a seat behind the wheel and also used this opportunity to take photos of their favorites from all kind of perspectives. The bloggers shared their particular night walk in real-time with their community via smartphones and tablets. Another highlight waited in front of the museum’s doors at the stroke of midnight: a replica of world’s first motor-car, the engine patent vehicle started up crinkly and invited the bloggers for a nightly joyride over the museum’s forecourt.

Sleeping under stars

If someone got hooded eyes due to the load of automobile history one had the unique opportunity to spend the night in one of the museum cars for example in the World Cup bus of the football national team or in the Actros truck. Another alternative was some free space between a truck and a SL where you could lay down on your air mattress. Who ever wanted to spend the hottest night of the year outside under the starry sky could pitch his tent on the museum’s roof terrace. But most of the bloggers did not sleep in this night anyway – the undisturbed time with the Daimler icons was much too precious for them!

Vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart.

Vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart.

Vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart.

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