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“No tricks, no hurry” – craft beer produced by La Virgen from Madrid.

The Mercedes-Benz 614 D Vario owned by La Virgen Craft Beer is standing in the desert

The young team of La Virgen from the Spanish capital is committed to brewing tasty craft beer: sometimes it is conventional, sometimes typically Spanish – and sometimes different in an adventurous kind of way.

Spanish craft beer with a large fan base.

In the midst of the hot lanes of Madrid, in the cellar bars of the Spanish capital, “La Virgen” is the beverage of choice. “Sin trucos, sin prisas” is the motto of the craft beer brewery “La Virgen”. In English this means: “no tricks, no hurry”. The idea to establish their own brewery did not originate in the Spanish metropolis, but in the dream destination of all hippies and creative minds: San Francisco. Inspired by the American craft beer scene, in 2011, master brewer Jaime Riesgo and his co-founder Ana Coello turned their dream into reality. They built their brewery with associated pub in the neighbourhood of Las Rozas and installed their first tap in 2012. At the time, they only had four employees, whereas today, 80 workmates brew, serve and market beer in a joint effort. The young brewery has managed to create a huge fan base by using social media and becoming the talk of the town.

In the brewery “La Virgen” in Madrid

For those who would like to know more about the production of craft beer, La Virgen offers tours of the brewery.

When beer tastes of chestnuts and ham.

If you ask the staff of La Virgen for their secret recipe, apart from water, barley and hops they also mention “lots of love”. For their first beer “La Lager”, the craft beer fans relied specifically on the age-old purity law. The master brewers also experiment with new, but always 100 per cent natural formulas so that their fans do not become bored too quickly. Apart from seven long runners, La Virgen also has twelve special varieties on offer. So, apart from traditional beers, such as the “Pale Ale 360°” and the wheat beer Trico Limpio, the Christmas beer “Castanas” with chestnut flavour and the strong dark ale “Turbock” can also be found on the drinks menu. As a homage to this Spanish delicacy, the amber ale “Jamonera” tastes of jamón, the intensive, spicy ham which is an integral part of any Spanish Tapas plate.

Nobody needs remain thirsty – thanks to the “beer trucks” of La Virgen.

The repertoire of La Virgen not only includes guided tours of the brewery, but also special events: For their in-house Oktoberfest, they pertinently serve the so-called Märzen (March beer). Those who are curious about La Virgen, have the possibility to visit one of their six taprooms with fancy names and a creative concept, such as “la Fuente de la Virgen” (“virgin’s well”). Besides beer, you can get a typically Spanish menu there, with specialities such as “patatas bravas”. An undeniable asset for the young brewery at any event are their food trucks which are equipped with a draught beer dispenser of their own. The two Mercedes-Benz 614 D Vario match the brand image perfectly and are simply adored by the costumers. The interior has enough space to provide a large crowd of hungry and thirsty craft beer fans with hot dogs and fresh draught beer, poured right from the tap. When asked about the recipe for their success, the La Virgen crew point to their motto “no tricks, no hurry” – simply having a good time with tasty beer and dear friends.

Happy costumers are drinking beer in front of the La Virgen food truck in Madrid

Apart from their lovely product design, the success of La Virgen is also based on its strong social media presence.

The brewery team of “La Virgen” of Madrid in their own brew pub

La Virgen has 80 employees. What do they have in common? A passion for honest and high-quality craft beer.

The Mercedes-Benz 614 D Vario on the terrace of “La Virgen” in Madrid

With the food truck of “La Virgen”, the brewers from Madrid provide festivalgoers with tasty beer and snacks.

Five men are drinking beer on the terrace of “La Virgen” in Madrid

A cool beer, sunny hours and good discussions – “La Virgen” stands for a relaxed lifestyle.

The brew pub of “La Virgen” in Madrid with craft beer micro-brewery in the back and happy customers in the front

In the brew pub, fans have the opportunity to taste freshly brewed beer and to learn more about the brewing process.

Spanish ham is called jamón and is often served with a cool beer.

Photos: La Virgen

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