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A start-up for temporary nomads.

Four people next to a yellow van, standing in front of a cliff

Camper Retreats offers vanlife enthusiasts the opportunity to experience adventurous road trips and the modern nomadic lifestyle for two weeks.

Sampling vanlife.

What does the vanlife feel like? Many people are inspired by the idea, but only a few truly dare to leave the so-called “normal life” behind. The start-up, Camper Retreats, offers an interesting solution: temporary vanlife – accompanied by true digital nomads. The team consists of four people who, because of their experiences and their passion, have chosen to offer others a taste of the vanlife. Together with Vamos, there Mercedes-Benz 602 D, they are currently planning a road trip from the Algarve in Portugal to Spain. Their motto is: “Be free, be in nature, be yourself and live your life best possible.”

A woman in a landscape of fields, in front of a white camper van

Britt, the head of Camper Retreats, was already on the road in the Mercedes-Benz Van before the start-up was founded.

A mix of adventure, leisure and work.

A little yoga in the morning and then a kite surfing session followed by a group breakfast. Then a few hours of work. This is what a typical day looks like. Alongside living and working space, the Mercedes-Benz Van offers the entire team storage space for their various activities. Nevertheless, the team does not get bogged down by details. “It would not be true vanlife if everything was planned 100% beforehand”, explains Britt, the head of the group, with a wink. What makes this start-up so different to a normal travel agency? “It is not about travelling or working, the community or a special location. What makes this project so special is the combination of all of the aspects”, says Britt.

The offer from Camper Retreats:

  • Accommodation: fully equipped Mercedes-Benz camper vans (including bed linen, towels, etc.)
  • Insurance: if a vehicle suffers damage
  • Breakfast every day
  • Activities: hiking, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, etc.
  • Internet: a portable wireless hotspot provides Internet access for up to 12 devices

How to become a temporary nomad.

To ensure the ideal road trip, the team travels to all of the spots in advance and ensures that the van is suitable. “We do a lot of research, talk to the locals and people who have already travelled to the places”, explains Britt. The start-up is dear to the hearts of everyone on the team. “We want to give everybody the opportunity to experience vanlife – at an affordable price. A lot of people incorrectly assume that living like this is very inexpensive. But this has to be learned first.” Anyone who wants to participate, can apply online. The team then gets in touch either via e-mail or private message. The team receives a lot of applications and chooses the candidates very carefully. Because in the end, the group spends a lot of time together even when enough private time is planned. “We are looking for like-minded people. Adventurers, digital nomads and free thinkers who either accompany our group with their own van or want to test out the van lifestyle”, says Britt.

A yellow Mercedes-Benz van next two people with surfboards in the evening

Sporting activities such as surfing are an integral part of the programme and the camper van provides storage space for the necessary gear.

View through the front windscreen of a camper van, showing two people looking out over the sea

Before every road trip, Camper Retreats travels to the destinations and checks whether the van is suitable.

Cliff landscape by the ocean

A worthwhile destination for road trips: from the Algarve in southern Portugal down to Spain.

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Photos: Snailhouse Campervans, Britt Daemen