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Cast off! – A start-up company for four-legged pets in the Sprinter 4×4.

A man, a woman and two dogs are standing in front of a van, surrounded by trees

Sam and Pamela are touring through the USA. They share their journey with two Labradors and leashes from the “Atlas Pet Company”.

Going through thick and thin together.

A dog is man’s best friend – most dog owners would probably share this view. Sam Alter, however, has an especially profound connection with his Labrador Atlas. At a young age, the US-American was hit by one blow of fate after another. And in these difficult times, his dog became a loyal companion. Atlas not only gave him comfort, but he also kept him constantly on his toes. Besides Sam, who was always on the move, found that he had to change his dog’s leash almost every month. Furthermore, the small print in the guarantee commitments of supposedly “adventure-proof” dog leashes and collars bothered him. That is why he began to look more closely into what made a good “dog leash”. His dream was to create a leash that would be strong enough even for the most adventurous dogs.

A man and a woman in front of their van, together with their dogs and the mountains as a backdrop

A real dream team: Sam Alter and his girlfriend Pamela with their two Labradors Atlas and Brady.

No long journey is made without Atlas.

Shortly thereafter, Sam moved into a Sprinter 4×4 together with his girlfriend, their dog Brady and Atlas. Since then, the foursome have travelled through the USA and have already gathered a large community around the Atlas Pet Company in the social media. However, Sam is not only concerned with promoting his product, but also with inspiring dog owners to spend more quality time with their pets. “Looking for dog-friendly routes takes a little more time, but it’s worth it when I see how happy he is,” says Sam enthusiastically. “I simply take a little more water and a ball to prevent him from getting bored,” he adds.

A van stands in the forest, there is a running dog in the foreground

The leashes of the Atlas Pet Company can always be relied upon – even if you are dealing with a very high-spirited dog.

A van as hungry for adventure as its driver.

Finding the right vehicle was incredibly important for Sam. That is why he decided on the Sprinter 4×4. With its spacious interior, it provides plenty of space for Sam, his girlfriend and the two dogs. The quartet has no lack of comfort – even at night when it gets cold. And that happens often as they are often up in the mountains with their Sprinter 4×4, far from civilisation and sealed roads. The perfect location for their passions: skiing and hiking. “We wanted a vehicle that will be able to take us everywhere and in which we would still feel at home”, says Sam, convinced that he has made the right choice. He is especially impressed with the all-wheel drive that takes them through deep snow and unsealed forest tracks. At home in the wilderness: thanks to the Sprinter 4×4.

A Sprinter – the ideal vehicle for the company.

Sam Alter also used the Sprinter 4×4 on his own personal time. As a digital nomad and founder of the Atlas Pet Company, he meets dog owners and their four-legged companions all over the USA. That is why the vehicle was to represent the Atlas Pet Company in an appropriate way. “If you want to sell a premium product to your customers, you have to leave a good impression on them,” explains Sam. “All over the world, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has proven to be a reliable premium commercial vehicle,” he adds. And he says that their Sprinter looks particularly stylish – also thanks to the film-coating on it.

We proudly show off our Sprinter when we get to know new people.
A van drives around a bend in a thick forest

Sam Alter’s Sprinter 4×4: the perfect vehicle for almost all terrains.

A leash like no other.

Sam Alter knew that many dog leash manufacturers do not use high-quality materials. To counteract this trend, he recurred to climbing ropes. Since he could only acquire them in large quantities, he gave away the leashes made by him to friends and relatives. Since practically everybody gave him euphoric feedback, he began to sell them online under the name “Atlas Pet Company”. In order to ensure that the leashes will not be destroyed whatever adventures your pup engages in, they are crafted from rather sturdy materials. The use of climbing ropes, marine-grade rope clamps and stainless-steel lobster clips makes the leashes very robust. However, in case a leash should break, be frayed or destroyed, the Atlas Pet Company will repair or replace it free of charge.

A Sprinter drives through a forest, there are mountains in the background

Over every mountain with the Sprinter 4×4.

Happy employees – happy customers.

Sam Alter wants to travel across the land of opportunity for another year and meet as many dog owners with their pets as possible along the way. The journey is supposed to end in Denver. The plan is to establish a large factory there. “Once I knew that I would be travelling in my van, I had to make sure that my employees would be as independent as possible,” Sam remembers. “Since our leashes are handcrafted, it was difficult to find suitable staff.” He also explains how important it is for him that his team is comfortable: “I got to see for myself that staff members are much more motivated in their jobs when they are treated well.” In the future, the company plans to add more products for small dogs to their line and increase their choice of colours. Founder Sam Alter is optimistic: “We want this year to be our best year ever!”

A man and a woman are sitting in an open van

Exposed to extreme wind and weather conditions: with the Sprinter and the leashes of the Atlas Pet Company that’s no problem at all.

A van is parked on a roadside, in the background you see a forest with mountains

Travelling right across the USA as far as Denver. That is where the first big plant of the Atlas Pet Company will be built.

Two dogs are asleep in the interior of a van

The interior of the Sprinter has been converted in such a way that the four-legged companions can get some peace, too.

The shown conversions were carried out by independent third parties. The suppliers and conversions were not checked by Mercedes-Benz. In this respect, these illustrations do not represent an assessment of the supplier and/or conversions by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos: Sam Alter

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