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Camperworks: From Sprinter to camper in less than 30 minutes.

Two men are sitting next to a Sprinter on a meadow

At the weekend, convert the company van into a camper to drive to the coast for a few days? In less than 30 minutes? Sounds tempting! That's what the two craftsmen Raphael and David thought, with their start-up Camperworks this kind of conversion is child's play.

Sprinter conversion using the modular principle.

Let’s say you have a Sprinter at home, which you use for work, and at the same time, you can’t imagine anything better than driving away in a camper for a few days at the weekend? That’ s exactly how Raphael and David felt, two passionate craftsmen and part-time campers. Today, under the name “Camperworks Systems,” they produce a camping system for the Sprinter that can be installed and removed in less than 30 minutes. “Our systems are so simple – anyone can do it,” they say. Using the airline rails already available in the Sprinter, the modules can even be assembled and disassembled without tools. Modules, such as hanging cabinets, are simply inserted and tightened. Simplicity and functionality – that is the motto. If, for example, a move is imminent, the modules can be quickly removed again to create more storage space in the vehicle. Practical and efficient.

Flexible with the Sprinter.

6 reasons why Raphael and David find their Sprinter perfect for work and camping.

  1. The Camperworks modules can also be installed and removed on the move.
  2. The vehicle class doesn’t change because the modules are considered cargo.
  3. Due to its compactness, the Sprinter is practical for city traffic and parking.
  4. Perfect vehicle size for conversion into a camper.
  5. With a vehicle length of less than 6 meters you save on ferries and tolls.
  6. Difficult road conditions on camping trips are no obstacle thanks to rear-wheel drive.

Two men fix a shelf into the interior of a Sprinter

Raphael and David have turned their love of wood into a profession.

Two carpenters and a start-up –
passion turned into a profession.

The two craftsmen, Raphael and David, share a passion not only for their profession but also for camping. For them, freedom means going on holiday in a camper van and exploring new places. As often as time permits, they take their holiday home on wheels to France, Spain, Portugal, or Scandinavia. At the age of 18, Raphael and David bought their first van and converted it into a camper. However, after apprenticeships as carpenters, they initially parted ways. Raphael worked for several years as a master carpenter in Hamburg, then went back home to set up his own business. Five years later, he brought David on board. In the meantime, he has completed a degree in wood technology and gained a lot of experience as head of carpentry for a major motorhome manufacturer – the perfect complement to Raphael’s growing know-how. Today, Camperworks manufactures everything from a single source. The two craftsmen place great value on getting to know their customers and creating the product together – from the first plan to completion.

We grew up in a camper. We grew up with this freedom, and we can’t get rid of this passion anymore.
Two men standing in front of a Sprinter with an open cargo hold

During their camping holiday in France,
the two of them came up with the idea for their start-up.

Take the step and fill the gap.

The development of the modular system was initially just an idea, which Raphael then continued to develop. Together with David, he decided to turn Camperworks into a limited company (GmbH) to advance the systems. With great success. The two experienced campers know what it takes to equip a van intelligently.

We love camping and craftsmanship, so it was obvious to found our own company.

The market is booming, and the competition is not yet too fierce – so it’s a good time to establish a start-up. But every start-up brings with it several challenges. German bureaucracy didn’t make it easy for them; they remember with a smile. Setting up a limited company is easy, but afterward, it gets tricky. Things that you didn’t think about before take a lot of time, such as legal regulations and applications. Also, you cannot take everything into account in advance. That’s why David said, “just try it out.”

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David's top tips for founding a start-up:

  • The right attitude and motivation.
  • Give 100 percent and stand behind the cause.
  • Try to work better – want to work harder.
  • Professional experience and basic knowledge of legal and economic matters.
  • Understanding the industry and your own trade.

Two men in the interior of a Sprinter

Sprinter conversion made easy – the carpenter duo makes sure
that everything is properly converted.

Where are things heading?

The two founders expect their company to develop further. They want to optimize the systems for the Sprinter more and more, bring them onto the market and place them correctly there. “It is important for us to grow sustainably. The demand is so great that we could even manage a 20-person company.” But quality is important to them, not quantity. So, they prefer to stay small and concentrate on perfecting their previous ideas. Being your own boss also means finding a good balance between work and private life, they say. But all the work has paid off. The young entrepreneurs stand behind their company. They are proud of what they have achieved in such a short period. They are making their dreams come true and integrating their love of wood and camping into their everyday lives.

Two men sitting in front of a fire

Raphael and David have been camping together since they were children.

Hands working on a piece of wood

Precision work is the number one priority for Raphael and David.

A Sprinter parked in a meadow

The two bought their Sprinter with the intention of using the company vehicle as a camper.

Interior of the Sprinter with the modular system from Camperworks

The Camperworks system - the airline tracks in the Sprinter make the conversion child's play.

A man at a table saw

Handcrafted: The two carpenters make everything themselves.

Two men stand in front of a Sprinter

An idea becomes reality - Camperworks GmbH was founded in 2018.

Photos: Anna Lachmayer

More Links to explore: Camperworks – @facebook, @instagram


Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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