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Travelling from coast to coast in Canada: a “nomadic business” in a Sprinter.

A man and woman in a white Sprinter with opened rear doors

Ray and Madison travel across Canada, offering solar and electrical installations for caravans and camper vans. Their own Mercedes-Benz Sprinter serves them both as their home and office.

An upfit for the journey.

Ray and Madison from Canada have specialized in customized solar and electrical installations for caravans and camper vans, and since April 2018 have been developing so-called off-grid solutions for travellers. What is unique about their business is the fact that they themselves are touring the country and live and work in their van. “We have spent a majority of our marriage in our self-converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter”, says Madison. Living and working on the road – is it even possible to combine the two? “We have everything needed to be comfortable in our van. It is upfitted with everything we need for work and adventure.”, assures Madison. This includes a custom-made solar system so that the batteries in the vehicle are always charged, as well as cross-country tires, two light barriers and a fully personalised interior equipment with desktop computer, toilet and water system.

A man and a woman are sitting in a converted Sprinter in front of a computer

In their Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ray and Madison have everything they need in order to work on the go.

A concept that helps you to hit the road quickly.

The concept of “Ray Outfitted” is quite simple: In their Sprinter, Ray and Madison travel across Canada and equip the DIY campers of their customers individually as required and as their customers’ budgets permit. “We like it to travel to our clients and bringing the tools, components and expertise to saves them time and get them off grid and on the road sooner. ”, says Madison. Originally, they had determined a fixed route and advertised it on social media and their own website. Now that they have a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the market, they pursue a more orderly approach and establish themselves in a particular region for an extended period of time. The short-term rental of workshop and retail premises allows them to carry out large projects independently of the weather conditions. And everybody has the opportunity to obtain online information on further plans and route updating.

A Sprinter drives through a desert landscape

The website allows people to see when they will be next in their region.

Being a couple and business partners at the same time.

Ray and Madison complement each other perfectly on various levels. With over 15 years of experience in the automotive mechanic and the marine mechanic, Ray is capable of manufacturing, repairing and upgrading almost anything. He is a certified car mechanic and has spent a good part of his life working on vehicles and engines of all kinds. He has even constructed racing cars. Madison, on the other hand, is responsible for the commercial and administrative part of the business. Together they offer an enormous range of services: from pure project consultancy through local construction and installation services to community support.

A group of people with several camper vans

For Ray and Madison, good and long-term relations with their customers have top priority.

Individual service for individual customers.

What distinguishes “Ray Outfitted” is their wide variety of individualisation options. The company’s motto is: Get to know your customer and his goals first. “A camper van owner who wants to modify his or her vehicle will have a different experience with us than a do-it-yourselfer who needs assistance in realizing certain projects; and for a customer with an empty vehicle or no vehicle at all, who is looking for a partner or an outfitter for the camper van of his dreams, it will be different again”, Madison explains. The fact that the couple mostly visit their customers is a comfort appreciated by many people, as the alternative often is turning to specialist shops which are far away. In this way, Ray and Madison have managed to get about a lot and see and experience a great deal. But the most important experiences for them were the conversion of their own camper, which took them only 36 days, and their own journey – 35,000 kilometres across two countries with temperatures of minus 25 up to plus 45 degrees Celsius. Up until now, they have travelled 70,000 kilometres, met with dozens of travellers on the road and on the internet, and completed a training with different manufacturers and professional installers.

The greatest benefit of living in a vehicle is mobility.

Work and travel.

Living on the roads of Canada – that sounds rather inspiring. However, a “nomadic business” holds challenges – on top of those that a new company is always faced with. But Ray and Madison are sure that nothing in life that is really worthwhile is simply handed to you on a silver platter. “It is a pleasure to work hard for this dream and for our customers’ dreams. A part of what we offer our customers is to make the setbacks, which inevitably occur during the conversion of a camper van, less difficult and time-consuming for them.” Before founding “Ray Outfitted”, the couple had saved money for a period of two years and generated additional revenue with backup-plans. “The greatest benefit of living in a vehicle is mobility”, says Madison. Personal networking is more powerful and does a lot more than an e-mail. If you look at a map and trace the route that “Ray Outfitted” completed in the last six months, this seems rather illogical as they left out the main attractions. But the couple chose this route deliberately and intentionally. “We love to explore and enjoy the wonders of the natural world, but where necessary, our customers and the business are our main priority. For us, the decision is easy – ‘Ray Outfitted’ is our dream. This clarity is something that we are grateful for in our careers.”

A man in the driver cabin of a Sprinter

Ray is a certified car mechanic with more than 15 years of professional experience.

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Photos: Ray Outfitted

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