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A Gentleman’s Tale: Tailor-made
suits out of a Sprinter.

A man and a woman standing back to back in front of a black Sprinter

A Gentleman's Tale's tailors provide a practical and efficient alternative to conventional tailoring in the modern city state of Singapore.

A tailoring shop on wheels.

Despite tropical-humid temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius, the streets of Singapore are bustling with activity. The island state south of Malaysia is much more than just a tourist hotspot or a gateway airport. The metropolis is one of the most modern and culturally diverse cities in the world. Fashion is high on the agenda here and tailors Lyn and Kenneth are ideally placed with their mobile start-up. What began as a tailor’s shop in 2016 soon became more. Today Lyn and Kenneth are proud owners of a walk-in wardrobe in the Sprinter as well as the tailor’s shop and showroom in the Citan. The concept is simple: “Instead of going to a shop, the shop comes to you.” In this way, they were not only able to keep the start-up costs low, but also satisfy the desire for close customer loyalty.

A woman and a man are sitting on the stairs of a black Sprinter

Lyn and Kenneth are taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city in their Sprinter.

Lyn and Kenneth do everything in their power to produce individual, unique pieces that are tailor-made for their customers. The tailors devote a lot of time to this. Bringing a smile to the customer’s face is their top priority. “Everyone is looking for an outfit that is unique, suits them and gives them new self-confidence,” she continues. The idea behind her start-up came primarily from the desire to be close to her customers. They want to be more than just a tailor. They prefer to accompany their customers from their first job to their wedding and follow their “tale”, i.e. their story. Because: Everyone has something unique to tell, and every outfit brings a story with it, Kenneth believes. Your secret recipe? “We want to be your friend before we’re your tailor,” they explain.

“We don’t sell outfits, we sell confidence.”

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The valiant little tailor: Nothing is easy to start off with.

The two remember their initial difficulties as mobile tailors. “People were skeptical at first as we didn’t have a fixed location and could just drive away.” However, they quickly realized the advantage of taking measurements during their lunch break and putting together a new outfit without having to take more than a step outside their door. The convenience and practicality impressed the customers so that the mobile tailor’s shop was able to establish itself over the years. “The step into self-employment requires a lot of effort,” says Lyn. In those tough situations when she wishes she had chosen an easier path, she is driven by her belief that she can make a difference. After all, Lyn and Kenneth have made the dream of shaping their company according to their own values and rules and not having to follow a standard into reality. In just four years, they have realized their vision and have been pursuing their dream job ever since.

A woman stands at the open rear door of the Sprinter, a man is inside

Taking the plunge: Lyn and Kenneth saw a gap in the market
and made it their unique distinguishing feature.

The van makes it possible – a showroom in the Citan.

For their company, they had a durable, reliable and long lasting vehicle in mind. “It was clear from the outset that it would be a Mercedes-Benz van,” recalls Lyn. With great attention to detail, they first transformed their Citan into a sophisticated and modern showroom. Equipped with a dressing room, full-body mirrors and cupboards, this is where daily business takes place – from customer service to office activities, the Citan is used for a variety of purposes. One year later, the Sprinter followed with the walk-in wardrobe. It is mainly used for customer appointments. The latest pieces are presented in cupboards and shelves with beautiful wood paneling, and product displays appear on a flat screen. The dressing room is completed by a sofa, full-body mirror, 3D body scanner and a changing room. In her mobile tailor’s shop, all work utensils are always at hand. The vans not only save them the high rental costs in Singapore but also put them within reach of their customers. Sometimes even right on their doorstep.

  • Through the open side door of the Sprinter you can see a clothes rack
  • On the inside of the Sprinter, shirt collars are displayed on a shelf
  • Brown men's shoes displayed on a shoe shelf
  • A man rearranges shirt collars on a shelf

Always one step ahead: Mobile throughout Singapore.

Kenneth sees the greatest challenge of the future in adapting the advancing technology to the needs of the younger generation. Above all, however, he regrets the dwindling interest in skilled trades. He therefore, wants to try to build a bridge between the generations by integrating technology. Lyn and Kenneth have recognized the opportunity of digitization and know how to use it in the best possible way. With the help of their 3D scanner, which scans the body within a few seconds and stores the measurements of each customer, the tailors save an enormous amount of time and effort. They also have big plans for the future. They are playing with the idea of going on a discovery tour with their vans and thus combining their work with travel. There have already been a few inquiries from abroad. And who knows, maybe there will soon be a walk-in mobile tailoring shop in Europe, too?

Alt-Text (Kein Punkt am Ende, 80 Zeichen) A man and a woman sit in a Sprinter and examine different fabrics

They never get bored - every garment is a fresh challenge.

A clothes rail with patterned clothes, next to that a tablet mounted on a shelf

The core of A Gentleman's Tale: The walk-in wardrobe with 3D body scanner in the Sprinter.

Two pairs of hands holding different fabric patterns

Meeting the customer's expectations and meeting his own demands is a daily challenge for custom tailors.

A man in a blue jacket is sitting next to a woman in a red dress

Lyn and Kenneth have developed a good feel for fashion through many years of experience in the world of fashion.

A woman and a man stand in front of a mirror and a clothes rail

The two founders combine their passion with craftsmanship, modern technology and refinement.

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Photos: Lyn Chan und Kenneth Chia

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