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GoJames – Tyre change on the Sprinter.

Moritz Kampmann, Phil Sell and Sebastian Schulte from GoJames (from left to right).

Getting your tyres changed or having your car washed while it is parked near your workplace, for example? This is possible thanks to the mobile tyre service GoJames and their fleet of vans.

From tire change to car wash.

The car tyres need to be changed urgently. The only question being when. You are all booked out and on top of that, the workshop’s appointment calendar is full, too. Besides, once again they are not answering the phone. It is precisely for problems like these that GoJames has the right solution at hand. The company based in Iserlohn in the Sauerland region offers an on-site service for passenger cars. That is to say, while the customer has parked his car at his work place or is working on his fitness in the gym, the car mechanics from GoJames arrive with their Sprinter or Vito – and carry out the wheel change on the spot. Service and support are provided in advance online or via a telephone hotline. And the company’s portfolio comprises much more than the conventional tyre change; GoJames also takes care of the storage and collection of the tyres, the disposal of used tyres as well as other car-related services. Their range of services even includes mobile car cleaning.

Three Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from GoJames

GoJames’ fleet comprises three Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and a Vito.

From beer mat to start-up.

“We are a mobile fleet service“, explains Phil Sell who came up with the idea for the start-up. „Not only are our customers looked after by trained experts, but they also receive a fully transparent service. They are right there when the tyres are being fitted – and of course they are going to save both time and money.“ Together with Moritz Kampmann and Sebastian Severin Schulte, Phil Sell founded GoJames in 2015. In doing so, the trio benefitted from a project that Sell and Co. had come up with before: the online tyre service This experience had taught Sell how great the demand in this segment really was. “We thought: If you order tyres online and have them delivered to your home, but do not know how to fit them – then what do you do?“, says the entrepreneur. “The idea for GoJames was finally born on a beer mat over the course of a single evening. We did not hesitate, ordered a Sprinter, cleared a hurdle or two and learnt something new from week to week.“

Goal: become the market leader!

Sell is convinced that his company has by no means reached the end of its development yet. “By 2025 we want to be Europe’s largest tyre-fitting service“, he explains. What makes him so optimistic is the potential of the idea that is still a long way from being exhausted. We stand for diligence and accuracy in combination with , service quality, pleased customers and the possibility to make extra time available for them with the help of intelligent IT processes/solutions. This is what makes our offer so unique“, ,the twenty-five-year old Sell says with conviction. The GoJames fleet currently comprises three Sprinter and a Vito. The Mercedes-Benz vans are equipped with everything the fitters need on location. “With wheel balancing and assembly machines, car cleaning agents, underfloor (exhaust gas suction) systems, a special storage system and, of course, a coffee maker. .“ That’s right, the people from GoJames go out of their way to keep their costumers happy and sweeten their short wait by with a cup of coffee. “However, usually it is the other way around “,Sell adds with a smile. . Usually, the customers offer our fitters a cup of coffee as soon as they have arrived.“

Two customers are waiting in front of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Two customers are waiting in front of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Photos: GoJames GmbH

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