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Pas Normal: cycling clothing with Danish elegance and a Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz.

A group of cyclists takes a break next to a Sprinter, with fir trees in the background

Enough of colorful, garish jerseys and cycling advertising banners: the Scandinavian start-up Pas Normal Studios designs classic cycling clothing of the highest quality.

On the road to nowhere.

Alone on wet or dusty roads, in the freezing cold or in the blazing with heat. Feel how to maximize your strength and how your muscles burn. Keep pedaling, challenge yourself. The young company Pas Normal Studios shows almost mystical scenes in its video clips. Recordings of empty streets on which a handful of men on wheels fight against the gradient. The deep voice of a speaker describes the urge to keep getting on the bike and riding further than ever before. The Danish start-up Pas Normal Studios meets the zeitgeist: more and more people are getting on their bikes. There seems to be a growing need to explore one’s own limits. More and more ambitious cyclists are networking. Many are fans of minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics and do not want to compromise on quality. This is the target group of the young sports label.

Cycling on all levels is seeing a lot of growth these last years. It’s healthy, it’s free and you can do it almost anywhere at any kind of pace. From a café ride to huge trips across mountains and new landscapes. There is something for everyone in cycling.
  • An exhausted cyclist sits in front of a Sprinter with the inscription “Pas Normal Studios”
  • A Sprinter parked next to a tent and a banner with the inscription “Pas Normal Studios”
  • Two cyclists photographed from behind on a road lined with trees
  • A man looking out of the Sprinter of Pas Normal Studios

Self-image: “aesthetics meet technical perfection”.

“Pas Normal” – this is how the achievements of the American Lance Armstrong were described by the French, after he celebrated success again and again. The founders of Pas Normal Studios wanted the name to underline their difference from the already established cycling brands. Not normal, not ordinary – just “pas normal”. All twelve employees are united in their passion for cycling. The company was founded in 2015 and Karl-Oskar Olsen is the head designer. He is also co-founder and designer of the successful fashion label Wood Wood. Olsen meets the zeitgeist with his designs: urban, young, honest, without much frills. The second in the group, Brian Nygaard, is a well-known journalist in Denmark and a well-known face with pro cycling as General Manager of several key teams. Peter Madsen and Tommy Pedersen, on the other hand, prefer to hold the reins of management in the background.

The fan community of the International Cycling Club.

The starting point was the dilemma of having to choose between high quality but aesthetically unattractive and fashionable, or poorly manufactured sportswear. The Copenhageners therefore made it their goal to combine Danish aesthetics and Italian tailoring. Through social media, the label quickly mobilized a large, quickly international fan community. The big link between the fans of Pas Normal Studios is and remains cycling. The label therefore organizes cycling events worldwide, such as cycling clubs or its own races. A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in the look of Pas Normal serves as a distinctive feature, a versatile base camp, a coffee stop on long rides and a showroom for its own products. The future of Pas Normal is bright: the plan is to concentrate more on America and Asia.

Mercedes-Benz represents uncompromising quality, innovation and design – all elements that we have as pillars in our brand and product philosophy.
Two men stand next to a parked Sprinter

With its unique aesthetics, the label has built up a worldwide fan base through Instagram.

Photos: Pas Normal Studios

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