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Rethinking Recycling: Remetal turns the scrap market upside down.

A neon yellow Mercedes-Benz Sprinter at the roadside, viewed from the front

Remetal offers its customers a platform for selling their scrap metal online. Find out how the Sprinter helps them along the way.

The idea of fair scrap metal recycling.

Scrap metal is a drain on households and small businesses. Disposing of it as domestic waste costs money and it takes time to get to the scrap yard. And this is precisely where Remetal comes into play: The start-up, founded in April 2017, is a mobile scrap yard. It collects unused resources in households and businesses and returns them to the raw materials cycle. What is it that distinguishes this approach from the way scrap is normally collected? “We act rapidly, transparently and sustainably in that we collect previously unused raw materials in households and small businesses”, says Lilja, junior project manager at Remetal. The scrap metal is picked up at the doorstep free of charge, it is analysed and evaluated on the spot. The customer is paid for directly and the scrap metal is then delivered to the scrap yard. In other words, you can get rid of your garbage in just a few steps.

A metal container placed on the floor in front of a yellow Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

What many people don’t know: On average, 300 kilograms of reusable metal can be found in private households.

Getting rid of your scrap metal online – here’s how it works.

For the customer, Remetal functions in three simple steps:

Step 1: Send an enquiry.

The customer enters the data on the scrap metal he owns – in case they are known to him – on the Remetal website or their app.

Step 2: Receive an offer.

Within 48 hours, the customer receives an individual offer and a pick-up date that he can then coordinate with the customer service.

Step 3: Pick-up.

Remetal takes care of the free pick-up and the sale of the scrap within the next 48 hours. It is weighed on the spot and the type of metal is determined by means of a state-of-the-art analyser. The customer promptly receives his money. Remetal keeps part of the proceeds for the service provided.

The scrap is transported in three Mercedes-Benz Sprinters whose walls are reinforced with plywood boards. The rails installed in them offer the possibility of attaching lashing straps in order to secure the cargo on board. For the founders, the question as to why the start-up has opted for Mercedes-Benz is easy to answer: “The important thing is that we have reliable vehicles in use. Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinters are robust as well as economical and, furthermore, they can be loaded with up to a ton of weight”, explains Lilja.

  • Two men are loading a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Two men in front of a neon yellow Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The advantages of an online scrap yard.

The scrap metals are picked up free of charge at people’s doorstep and delivered to the scrap dealer, the customers are paid directly on site. In addition, Remetal is also well conceived when it comes to the details. The organisation of the journeys, for example, is controlled by a special software. The different kinds of metal are separated and weighed on site and then shipped to the scrap dealer. Based on the specified quantities, the vehicles can be coordinated and used optimally. The concept works so well that the current number of three Sprinters will soon be increased. “We want to use our vehicles to full capacity and are planning to have a fleet of ten vehicles by the end of 2019”, Lilja reveals. At present, the start-up is exclusively active in in North Rhine-Westphalia, but in future, it wants to focus on the congested urban areas.

The motivation behind “Rethinking Recycling”.

Remetal’s motto is “Rethinking Recycling”. It holds a clear message that the start-up intends to convey. An average of 300 kilograms of recyclable metal can be found in private households. This includes stainless steel pots, screws and nails or old cables and radiators – most people have no idea that they have such treasures hidden in home. It is not only private households, but also crafts businesses that own recyclable waste in the form of turnings, cables or pipes. At the same time, raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. Remetal wants to draw people’s attention to the importance of scrap metal resources and to show how easy it is for anyone to act sustainably thanks to Remetal’s service. The team is committed to promoting the intelligent use of raw materials and thus to the extraction of raw materials in the most efficient way possible. “If we combine these huge resources with our ‘urban mining idea’, they do not have to be extracted from the ground or the ore in an extremely energy-intensive process”, explains Lilja.

A man in a black overall picks up a metal can

Remetal wants to draw attention to the importance of scrap metal resources.

A man on the loading platform of an open Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter are perfectly suited to Remetal’s requirements: They can be loaded with up to a ton of weight.

Two neon yellow Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with opened rear door

With their neon yellow colour, the Remetal Sprinter can hardly be overlooked.

Photos: Tobias Geiß, Lilja Tilke

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