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Fresh herbs in the Plantcube – smart gardening with agrilution.

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The Munich-based start-up agrilution creates the herb garden of the future. With their Plantcubes, the company provide crisp, intensely flavoured herbs and lettuces in a minimum of space.

Healthy herbs for the megacities of the future.

How do you solve the problem of demanding quality requirements for foodstuffs in view of the rising global population? Who will supply megacities with regional products in the future? Even as an adolescent, Maximilian Lössl had a passion for the big questions facing the future of the agricultural industry. He carried out his first experiments with intelligent plant production, also known as “vertical farming”, in the basement of his parents’ house. Since 2013, the tech entrepreneur has run the start-up agrilution as the co-founder and CEO. Together with his interdisciplinary team, he offers solutions for the space shortage and demanding quality standards of the food sector: vertical farming with Plantcubes.

I absolutely believe that agrilution has the potential to make the world a better place. The Plantcube offers us the opportunity to produce plants efficiently and economically in a minimum of space.
Smart gardening – the fresh salads delivered by “agrilution” are grown in the plantCube

Thanks to the carefully matched seed mats and boxes, even individuals without green fingers can grow their own herbs.

Fresh herbs – even without a green thumb.

Intelligent seed mats in vertical farms enable even users without a green thumb to plant their own herbs and lettuces. The smart garden detects the seed and automatically optimises the lighting, watering and climate to match the plant’s needs. Software developers, electrical engineers and plant scientists work alongside the agricultural economist, Lössl, in the laboratory to perfectly coordinate the watering, lighting and climate parameters to develop the most nutritious and tasty seedlings possible. Even after working hours the team likes spending time together, whether at the table football table or at concerts.

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The herb garden of the future: radically regional.

The herb garden 2.0 offers users intensely flavoured herbs and lettuces such as Mediterranean basil, baby radishes and delicious Asian Mizuna lettuce. Vitamin A-packed regional produce is put on the table without any transport distance and the resulting loss of nutritional value. This refreshing concept offers one possible solution for tomorrow’s supply problems. Its closed structure also fulfils the highest hygiene and quality standards. Due to the intensive flavour of the produce, many of agrilution’s customers are leading gastronomers. As of 2018, private customers can also enhance their kitchens with Plantcubes.

A woman stands in the laboratory of the start-up agrilution and examines herbs

Intelligent plantcubes regulate climate, hydration and lighting until they are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the seedlings.

A plantcube of the start-up agrilution is part of kitchen furnishings

Maximilian Lössl’s idea is very well received by star chefs – but private individuals can have plantcubes in their kitchens, too.

The start-up’s business app displays information about bok choy cabbage

By using the app, hobby gardeners can learn more about their seedlings: “When is my bok choy ready for harvesting?” “And how do I prepare it?”

A freshly prepared salad with ingredients from the plantcube of the start-up agrilution

The start-up has developed three innovations: highly optimized seed mats, intelligent plantcubes and a matching app.

Photos: agrilution

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