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The best business ideas for your van.

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A lot of people dream of having their own business in a van. With this list of really exciting ideas, your creativity will know no bounds. No matter what type - they can all be realized!

Innovative ideas.

You have had an idea buzzing around in your head for a long time and you are looking forward to a new challenge. The urge to get started is forming – and now you are ready for the next step: to be self-employed – with your own van! The appeal: to be able to work anywhere – flexible, free and mobile at any time.

The idea of your own business on wheels is fascinating more and more people. But how do you get started? How do you get it financed? How do you raise awareness for yourself? Will everything work out according to plan?

Before you start tackling these questions, you should first of all think carefully about the direction you want to take. Because you initially have to give thought to the answer to the most important question: How strong is my idea? Still having issues here? No problem!

We have put together the ultimate MYVAN list with the most innovative and exciting start-up ideas for vans: a list full of inspiration and ingenuity.

A Mercedes-Benz van is parked on a promenade

No ideas for your own mobile start-up? MyVan helps – with a list of creative ideas.

The tidy person.

Everything has its place: Paper clips to the left of the desk, precisely arranged pairs of shoes positioned on the mat in the hall, or starched and ironed shirts in the cupboard, sorted by color of course. The tidy person loves things that can be planned. An organized daily route is just as important as a tidy environment.

Stefan Michealis is intent on ensuring that his image is “ship-shape” as he says. Together with Sebastian Schmidt, he founded “Jonny Fresh” – a mobile laundry service. The special feature: Customers place their order through an app, select the right time for the pick-up and the Mercedes-Benz Citan speeds over to take the items to the next laundry. Freshly washed and ironed – the items are returned within 48 hours to your door. Talk about luxury! More information about “Jonny Fresh” and their great start-up!

A Mercedes-Benz Citan is parked ready with a delivery from "Jonny Fresh"

With “Jonny Fresh” you don’t need to worry about your dirty laundry any more – pick-up, laundering and delivery are all included.

The party animal.

A real cracker: “kukki Cocktail” from Berlin has made the impossible possible – with their amazing cocktails to go. When the frozen bottles are thawed, they surprise with a highlight: the drink turns liquid, but the ice doesn’t melt. And fresh fruit is included. The three founders, Josef Klemm, Andreas Romanowski and Saif Hamed worked on their own creations for a long time, but also offer classic cocktails, such as “Moscow Mule” or “Sex on the beach”. For deliveries and visits to trade fairs, the three men from Berlin trust in the heart of their business: their Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. For revelers, just the right thing. A real eye-catcher at every party! Find out more about the delicious cocktails and the three start-up founders here!

The three founders of "kukki Cocktail" in front of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

With their chilled cocktails from the freezer, Sepp, Saif and Andreas are the hit of the party.

The gourmet.

Greasy fries or preferably a vegan dish? – For people interested in cuisine, there are thousands of ways to realize their dream. A business model is often decided based on your own tastes. But opening a restaurant today is by no means the only option if you want to dedicate yourself passionately to your culinary preferences. Food trucks are no longer uncommon sights on the street – and are attracting more and more enthusiasts: by way of their exclusive, international and diverse flair.

Jan Kegel also faced the question of all questions – and decided to go for a food truck. He wanted to be flexible and unattached; visit festivals and events. As a trailblazer in Belgium, he had a lot at stake, but he was successful. Under the name of “Jean Sur Mer” he visits public places and events in his own two especially refurbished Mercedes-Benz 508 D. As the name suggests, his heart beats for fish specialties, which makes sense in Antwerpen. Find out more about “Jean Sur Mer“!

The owner of "Jean Sur Mer" in front of a Mercedes-Benz 508 D

With “Jean Sur Mer” Jan Kegel has made his dream of a food truck that serves his favorite dish, Kibbeling (fried fish) come true.

The home lover.

This homey type is not interested in parties and hustle and bustle. A perfect evening is spent on the sofa, snuggled into a blanket, chatting to friends and family. Such a down to earth person doesn’t like taking risks. Why? It is so much nicer at home.

Why search far afield, when everything at home is great. So what about opening an Airbnb service in an old Mercedes-Benz van, for example a Mercedes-Benz L 406? Bente and her husband, Paul, were convinced that happiness is being at home – and turned their old Götheborg fire engine into a holiday apartment. You can visit them both and their pink vehicle in Hvitsten, Norway’s smallest town. Find out more about the “Pink Swedish Fire Truck“!

An old Mercedes-Benz L 406 was converted to a holiday appartment

Bente and her husband Paul are convinced, that happiness is being at home.

The animal lover.

Okay – this idea has less to do with your own health, and much more to do with that of man’s best friend: their pet. With his mobile vet practice in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Dr. Venkat Kucharapu drives from house to house to visit his patients. This caring vet had his van converted by the chassis manufacturer, Wag’n Tails – and the results are great. All the equipment that you would find in a normal practice can be found here too. And the best thing about it: when the animals look out the window, they see their familiar home just a few steps away. This makes everyone feel at home. “I can now live my dream”, raves Dr. Venkat Kucharapu. More infos about the mobile veterinary practice!

Mobile Vet in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mobile Vet in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

The aesthete.

Beauty is supposedly in the eye of the beholder – but who doesn’t want to show themselves from their best side – and reap a whole host of jealous looks when they enter a room?

With Twain Taylor, your hairstyle will look great whatever the situation: with his converted Sprinter, the barber drives conveniently from one customer to the next and styles their hair – and their beard too if they so desire. This means he can style the hair of people who don’t have much time for a haircut. In Los Angeles, he is very popular. His grandfather, who was also a barber, thought the idea was crazy, but Twain persevered: “If you really believe in something, you can make it happen.” More information about the barber on wheels!

Twain Taylor works as a barber

Twain Taylor is a barber with heart and soul.

Photos: MYVAN, Felix Schwarz


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