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On an adventurous journey with VanAdventure and Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Group sits in a Mercedes-Benz V-Class from VanAdventure

The VanAdventure start-up has made it its mission to bring adventurous people together in a Mercedes-Benz van through joint excursions.

Off to new adventures.

The Mercedes-Benz van slowly rolls towards the shore. The sun is shining and the river is roaring noisily. Six young people get out of the van, already deeply involved in conversations. The kayaks are unpacked, everything is secured and the adventure begins. This is what a VanAdventure of the start-up of the same name could look like. But there are no limits: Whether a kayak tour, city trip, canyoning or a hike: With VanAdventure you can give everything a try – the main thing is togetherness. “With VanAdventure we bring together people from the same area who can explore adventures commonly and do what really counts in life: Experience togetherness and create memories” this is how the four women behind the start-up describe what they want to achieve with their project.

The VanAdventure logo on a vehicle

Experience companionship and create memories – VanAdventure makes it possible.

The users decide where they want to go.

But how exactly does VanAdventure work? Users decide where they want to go. They can set up trips of all kinds on the platform – VanAdventure checks the vehicle availability of a Mercedes-Benz van at this time and makes the vehicle available. Other private individuals can thus choose from a large number of interesting excursions on the platform and reserve a seat in the van. “VanAdventure is a way of life, you get into our Mercedes-Benz van with people you don’t know, drive off, experience adventures and discover the world,” this is how the four foundresses sum up their idea.

Many have been in a situation where they would have wished for VanAdventure.
Caro, Julie, Senay and Corinna sit on a sofa

Caro, Julie, Senay and Corinna, from left to right, brought the idea for VanAdventure into the pilot phase within half a year.

Start-up meets corporation.

The four women behind the young company are Caro, Julie, Senay and Corinna. Between the ages of 20 and 40, the four have come together across Berlin, Stuttgart and Buenos Aires to grow their project as a Daimler internal start-up – which was not always easy: “Start-up meets corporation,” explains Caro. “That’s not as easy as you might think. Then it’s a matter of getting the start-up up and running and not giving up despite all the hurdles. Trial and error is the best way to describe our approach.” But within half a year, the four women have brought their idea to the pilot phase. At the beginning of 2019, the platform will finally go live in full. “We get so much positive feedback on our idea. Many have been in a situation where they would have wished for VanAdventure,” explains Caro.

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With support to success.

Senay has already been in a similar situation and thus laid the foundation for the start-up: Having arrived alone in Berlin after a change of city, she did not know anybody and was much too busy to get to know people outside of work. Then the idea arose that something was missing: A platform like VanAdventure. The idea for the start-up was born – and through Daimler, comrades-in-arms were quickly found. Did the four of them always dream of a start-up? “We are all start-up personalities, even if the founding idea was more present in some more than others. But VanAdventure has shaken up the will to found a company in all of us,” recalls Senay. “We have developed an uncanny passion to realize our idea.” And today they have come a great deal closer to this realization. “Our product is alive. And it is constantly evolving. We draw so much inspiration from our environment and from our wishes. We are trying to make our dream come true and find an incredible amount of support on the way,” the four founders proudly explain. “With this support behind us, we want to make it.”

With VanAdventure you have the chance to meet new people and experience an adventure together.

Someone holding a mobile phone, on which the VanAdventure app is open

In the app you can browse in a variety of interesting offers and choose your favorite.

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