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The creative workshop Tüftelei:
A Vario as analog refuge.

A blue Mercedes-Benz Vario is parked in a parking lot

With the project "Tüftelei" Peter Michalski wants to teach people to take things into their own hands again. This mission is Peter's very own path to happiness.

Full power without a sense of success.

A balmy day by the sea. Away from a chatty group of guys, Peter finds a quiet spot. He has taken two weeks off. Sitting on a rock, he finally starts to think. “Eat, sleep, repeat – and work as much as possible in between.” He has been walking this path for 20 years now: 2 decades of full power. But for what? “Well, I haven’t received a trophy yet,” whispers Peter and smiles. On the other hand, he has had a bunch of successful marketing concepts and business strategies. Would he prefer a trophy? As he thinks about it. Slowly an idea begins to develop.

A man sitting in a van laughing

After 20 years in his profession, Peter put his life plan to the test.

Invent your dream job.

“What I lacked at the time was something tangible. Everything I had done up to that point was so fleeting,” Peter says. While sitting on a rock by the sea, he decided to say goodbye to the world of marketing and goodbye to the world of IT. But his demands on the new job were high. Back home in Munich, Peter quickly realized that a normal job was out of the question. Little by little, he found himself inventing his dream job. “I had a strong impulse to do something with my hands. At the same time, I wanted to share this experience with other people,” he explains.

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The starting point.

Only Peter was certain that his project would become a kind of workshop. A place where people work together. Then, in countless training courses, Peter learned how to handle wood, leather and other materials. He also read a lot about craftsmanship and pedagogy. “The educational books made it clear to me that the project should have a workshop character,” he says. In his search for the perfect property, Peter came across an advertisement for a Mercedes-Benz Vario quite by chance. “I just thought to myself, wow! That fits like a glove! Why not have a mobile workshop? This coincidence really inspired me.” The very next day he inspected the vehicle and bought it immediately. As if out of nowhere, Peter came up with a name and “Tüftelei” was born.

Several people working in a van at a workbench

Peter’s dream: Working with together with people doing handicrafts.

Being creative in the workshop ‘Tüftelei.’

But before the workshops could begin, the work on the Vario needed to be done. “The most important part of the conversion was the workbench. It is simply the centerpiece of the creative work,” says Peter. The idea was to install the workbench in the middle of the vehicle so that the participants could stand around it and work. “I wanted people to look at each other and be invited to help one another,” explains Peter. The conversion took some six months until June 2018. “In the end, I was really thrilled. It was just amazing what you can fit into this vehicle. Everything could be realized and we have created a real mobile workshop,” says Peter proudly.

Peter’s trophy.

Peter can also be very proud of what followed. ” The order books are really good. I think you can say that the concept worked,” he says. Week after week, he now heads for various locations in the greater Munich area. This way, Peter invites interested parties to immerse themselves in his analogue world. The participants of his workshops learn how to build knife blocks, how to design leather wristbands, how to create things with their own hands. “There is no real target group. That’s the way it should be. Because creativity should be available to everyone willing. That’s my main motivation,” explains Peter. With this mission he travels through the country in his blue Vario. ” Eventually I somehow got my trophy”, says Peter and grins a winning smile.

Peter stands with participants of a workshop in the Vario

Peter is happy to pass on his knowledge to the participants of the workshops.

Peter at the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz Vario

Peter is happy to be at the wheel of his own professional future.

A piece of wood is sawn

Wood is a frequently used material.

A blue Mercedes-Benz Vario is parked in a car park

Where the Vario can be found is decided month by month.

The shown conversions were carried out by independent third parties. The suppliers and conversions were not checked by Mercedes-Benz. In this respect, these illustrations do not represent an assessment of the supplier and/or conversions by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos: Peter Michalski

More Links to explore: Peters Tüftelei –, @Facebook, @Instagram


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