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“Spray Tan Bus” – mobile tanning studio in a Sprinter.

Emil Tuniyants in front of his

Emil from San Diego converted his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into the "Spray Tanning Bus" – and is amazingly successful with his mobile tanning studio.

A Sprinter becomes a mobile tanning studio.

A pale complexion – despite living in the sunny state of California? Unacceptable! That is exactly what Emil Tuniyants thought when he established his tanning studio in 2015. He realized that many people simply did not have enough time to spend hours on the beaches of the “Golden State”. And what is the benefit of living in a city where it only rained for 15 days between April and October in 2015? Not much. That gave the entrepreneur from San Diego an idea: If the Californians cannot go to where the sun’s rays are, he will bring the tan to them – in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. That is why Tuniyants has been operating his “Spray Tanning Bus” for the last two years. The entrepreneur with Armenian roots drives his mobile tanning studio directly to his customers and gives them a healthy tan in his “Beauty Bus”.

The "Spray Tanning Bus" is a converted Sprinter.

Golden yellow like the “Golden State” on the outside, the interior of the Sprinter contains everything needed to create a mobile tanning studio.

ADF from Los Angeles carried out the conversion to the “Spray Tanning Bus”.

Emil Tuniyants knows the industry. Before the US American literally put the idea of the “Spray Tanning Bus” on the road, the father of two managed a popular beauty salon in San Diego. Tuniyants, in his early 40s, knows what customers expect from him. That is why he made no compromises regarding the costs or the effort involved. The entrepreneur with Armenian roots invested around 30,000 US dollars in the exclusive conversion of the Mercedes-Benz Van. The body manufacturer ADF from Los Angeles used these funds to transform a Sprinter into a mobile “beauty lounge with the star” which offers everything customers need. The “skin” is golden yellow like the “Golden State”and protects the heart of the “Spray Tanning Bus”, namely the exclusive spray tanning cabin. In this cabin Tuniyants and his employees use a special airbrush to apply a gentle spray of tanning lotion to their customers’ skin.

“Spray Tanning” – the healthier alternative.

The application takes around 15 minutes and the tan remains for up to 7 days. Tuniyants reports that the service is popular. The “Spray Tanning Bus” has up to 12 customers every day. When the Sprinter is booked for parties or by beauty salons, Tuniyants and his employees even manage up to 20 treatments a day. “Customers who receive a tan from us only have to invest a little time and the service is also suitable for people with very light skin types”, explains the entrepreneur from southern California. Moreover, the “sprinting” tanning studio is the healthier alternative to conventional tanning in the sun.

Many of my customers want to avoid the consequences of spending too much time sunbathing, says Emil Tuniyants. “Spray tanning” is the ideal solution because it entirely avoids hazardous UV radiation, is good for the complexion and also counteracts wrinkles.

A customer receives treatment in the "Spray Tanning Bus".

The key feature of the “Spray Tanning Bus”: the spray cabin. This is where customers receive a high-quality tanning lotion treatment using a special airbrush.

The Sprinter is the ideal vehicle for Tuniyants.

“Starting a new business always involves risks”, explains Tuniyants. “With the Sprinter, I had one less thing to worry about.” The entrepreneur swears by the comprehensive driver assistance and safety systems. “The handling and driving comfort are identical to a passenger vehicle. In addition to the body and conversion options, these are also strengths of the Sprinter.” Worldwide, Sprinter serve as the foundation for making business models a reality. Around 50% of all newly registered Sprinter are also equipped with a body or conversion. Tuniyants successfully fitted everything into the spacious Mercedes-Benz panel van that he might need: the interior of the “Spray Tanning Bus” features a fan on the roof for fresh air, washing basins for freshening up, comfortable seats in the waiting area and a refrigerator with cool beverages to make even the waiting time itself a pleasure – all of this on four wheels.

An employee welcomes customers outside the

The idea is as simple as it is brilliant: the mobile tanning studio drives to parties, beauty salons or even visits customers at home.

Emil Tuniyants in front of his

With his "Spray Tanning Bus", Emil Tuniyants drives directly to his customers to give them a healthy tan with his mobile tanning studio.

A fan was installed in the

The interior of the Sprinter is comfortable: it has everything the employees and customers might need, including a fan, refrigerator, hand basin along with a comfortable lounge with seating.

Photos: Eric Cardella

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