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Sprinter and Kesselheld heat up the start-up scene.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with Kesselheld logo

The Kesselheld start-up aims to become Germany’s best heating installer. Supported by their Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Two worlds, one Sprinter.

Joachim Ossendorff has more than 30 years’ experience with heating installation – and also with a vehicle that reliably transports him and his material to and from customers. That is why the Sprinter in the driveway is a familiar companion. The accident-safe shelves from Sortimo contain hundreds of screws, nuts and copper fittings. When purchasing a new workman vehicle, everything has to fulfill the latest standards. The anti-slip floor mat along with the portable boxes and drawers are all perfectly designed for the Sprinter, down to the last detail. In the years to come, the Sprinter will assist the company with installing new heating in numerous households.

Sprinter’s cargo area with a shelving system on the side wall

The crash-tested shelving systems from Sortimo ensure that every job is perfectly organized.

Anything but a conventional heating installer.

Kesselheld’s office, where Joachim Ossendorff has worked for two years, is a completely different world. There is not a single screw or copper pipe to be seen. Instead, young people sit at computers and work on creating websites. With a trained eye for user-friendliness, the employees in the open office space juggle oil drops, gas flames and house symbols along with source code. Joachim Ossendorff gives his colleagues professional assistance when programming the web application. Other employees examine images of heating rooms sent to them via WhatsApp. How does this start-up atmosphere match the traditional trade of the heating installer? This brings us back to the Sprinter. These two worlds might seem completely unrelated. However, Kesselheld is anything but a conventional heating installer.

Kesselheld team sitting on the Sprinter’s loading area

Online specialist Sascha Camilli (front right) and heating installer Joachim Ossendorff (rear left) were involved from the very beginning.

Kickoff for the Kesselheld.

In Germany, there are far more than 49,000 companies in the building services sector. The demand is consistent and the market is growing. Energy-oriented restoration among private households is a key factor for the energy transformation. A familiar topic for the founder of the startup Homeday Martin Teichmann and his partner Sascha Camilli.

Nevertheless, the two often find that home owners are wary of the extensive costs and overwhelmed by the vast range of options. Gas, oil, solar energy or pellets: a layperson has almost no chance of assessing the pros and cons. While researching on the Internet, the two founders discovered its potential. Today’s customers can configure almost everything the way they want online: music, food and even their electricity provider. So why not their heating? The self-proclaimed “boiler heroes” from Düsseldorf saw their chance and helped move heating installation into the digital age.

The start-up’s most reliable partner: the Sprinter.

In the beginning, Kesselheld was just an online portal where customers could search for a suitable tradesman. The company’s founder, Martin Teichmann, rented low-cost office space at the Düsseldorf start-up site STARTPLATZ. The constant exchange with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts from a variety of different branches quickly created dynamic impetus and drove the company to its initial success. However, the start-up aims to grow. Leaving the friendly and communal atmosphere of the Düsseldorf port demanded courage. One thing was clear to the young entrepreneur: a real hero does not let others do his job. That is why the training, quality assurance and installation all needed to come from a single source. Today, all of this takes place in the company’s own warehouse and its main location in Düsseldorf. The major restructuring has shown that risk and success are closely connected for a start-up company. That is why reliable partners are so important. Choosing the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as the service vehicle for the new tasks was not a simple but definitely a conscious decision. Quality and reliability were also the foundation of this investment for the new company. The digital reality and fully networked future will not change this fact …

A Kesselheld Sprinter parked outside a house

The Kesselheld Sprinter are both service vehicles and advertising for the company.

The Sprinter of Kesselheld from the rear

Until recently, Kesselheld was just an online platform. Now the company has become a cross-regional, digital heating installer.

The Sprinter of Kesselheld with the sliding door open

The Kesselheld Sprinter can also be accessed from the side.

Frontal shot of the Kesselheld Sprinter

Dynamic, modern and powerful. The Sprinter is a reliable partner during the growth phase, especially for start-ups.

Photos: Kesselheld

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