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Sprinter conversions as a passion.

Jochen van de Keer sells Sprinter conversions

Jochen van de Keer manages a sales company for converted vans in Belgium – and is highly successful. About his work and his passion for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Success with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

He is a qualified physiotherapist but prefers to handle vehicles rather than people: Jochen van de Keer specializes in converting Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.A variety of specialized conversion and body manufacturers support him, depending on the customer’s requests. For example, the Irish company “EVM” is a long-standing partner of “Sprinterbus” and produces approximately 90% of the vans sold. Jochen van de Keer explains why he relies exclusively on the Sprinter for the conversions:

The Sprinter is simply the best van and it has the most powerful engine. Plus, Mercedes-Benz also offers a very good, worldwide service network.

A Sprinter converted into a cabriolet.

Jochen van de Keer well remembers the conversion of a van into a cabriolet because of the technical complexity.

Making optimal use of the space in the Sprinter.

In contrast to other manufacturers, van de Keer uses as many original Mercedes-Benz parts as possible. In addition, he never extends the Sprinter chassis as a matter of principle. As such, his challenge when converting the vehicle consists of making optimum use of the maximum permissible weight and the available space in the Sprinter. Alongside the spatial limitations, there are also the constantly changing EU regulations that have to be understood and implemented. However, that does not stop Jochen van de Keer from doing his best every single day. “As a good craftsman you have to work hard and a lot. But at the same time we also have to offer short delivery times and address individual customer requests.” His wife and family also support him with fulfilling these requests as do the good relationships with dealers, suppliers and, not least of all, Mercedes-Benz.

Converted Sprinter - luxuriously equipped with black leather seats.

No compromises with safety and quality – a principle of the conversions made by

No compromises with safety and quality.

The customers ranging from taxi companies to wealthy private individuals are just as unique as the products that “Sprinterbus” offers. From luxury Sprinter to vans for the disabled to school buses – the spectrum covers everything. In particular the latter means a lot to Jochen van de Keer: “Children are the future of the bus business. We want to offer them the vehicle they deserve today so that they will later use the bus as a means of transport.” Van de Keer would like to make the bus so comfortable that he himself would like to ride on it. Yet he does not want to make any compromises with quality and safety. “This is about our children and we have to make sure that they are brought to school as safely as possible. Even if that means that we are the most expensive provider in the market.”

The "Sprinterbus" workshop in Belgium.

In order to guarantee the high quality, van de Keer collaborates with a team of specialists consisting of vehicle mechatronic technicians, joiners and upholsterers.

No complacency – despite market leadership.

The hard work pays off for van de Keer and his partners: “Whenever I see one of our vehicles on the road and realize how good it looks and stands up to the usage then I still have to smile every time even after all these years”, he says proudly. Furthermore, “Sprinterbus” is also the market leader for the M2 class (passenger vehicles with more than eight seats plus the driver’s seat and a permissible total weight of up to 5 tonnes) in the UK, Ireland and Belgium. Yet van de Keer has no intention of resting on his laurels. He already has a plan for the future: “My dream is to build a camper van on a Sprinter chassis. I think that the traditional camper vans all look the same. I would love to develop a concept for a modern, hip camper van. Similar to the Marco Polo, but a little larger.”

Conversion profile – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


  • Exterior in Mercedes-Benz Graphite Grey Metallic.

Passenger entry

  • electronic EVM-Sprinterbus door
  • Manual emergency unlocking
  • Integrated three-step entry with LED light strips and stainless steel inserts

Luggage compartment

  • Original Mercedes-Benz 270° wing doors with luggage compartment partition
  • Raised floor
  • 2 luggage carriers made of brushed aluminum with light strips
  • Blue LED nightlight
  • Individual passenger supply modules reading lamps and adjustable air vents


  • Side windows made of framed, curved EVM-Sprinterbus double glazing
  • Leather window edging
  • Grey tinted windows
  • Glass panoramic roof
  • Large panorama windows with dual blinds

Climate control

  • Air-conditioning system integrated into the dash panel
  • Webasto air conditioning system
  • Auxiliary heater


  • Mercedes-Benz Sound 15 upgrade radio/USB/SD
  • Integrated loudspeakers in the passenger area
  • 17 inch monitor recessed into the roof
  • DVD player integrated into the dash panel
  • PA system with Bluetooth handheld microphone
  • USB charging station on every row of seats
  • Integrated reversing camera with rear mirror monitor


  • 16 “Brusa Crete” 120 seats with three-point seat belts
  • Folding, leather upholstered armrests Reclining backrest
  • Adjustable backrest, side bolster with soft padding
  • Two-color design leather finish

Exterior design

  • EVM-Sprinterbus “X-Clusive” bumpers and spoiler with integrated daytime running lights
  • X-Clusive side walls in the vehicle color
  • Euroliner wheel trim and “EVM-Sprinterbus Chrome Pack”

Photos: Sprinterbus BVBA

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Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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