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Tattoo removal in the mobile Sprinter studio.

In this Sprinter the Tataway team removes unwanted tattoos

In their Sprinter, Phil Marandola and his team free their customers from unwanted reminders of the past every day. A visit to the Tataway mobile tattoo removal studio.

Laser removal on four wheels.

“Most of our customers want to get rid of tattoos which remind them of a certain time in the past or which simply no longer suit them”, explains Phil Marandola, an employee at the Tataway laser studio. The company has specialized completely in laser tattoo removal. In the last six years, Tataway has expanded from Boston throughout the entire north-west of the USA. The team helps dozens of customers every day at six permanent locations. In addition, since 2014 Tataway has also offered laser tattoo removal in its mobile studio: the fully converted Sprinter accompanies the team to tattoo conventions, tattoo studios, dermatologists or is booked by the day.

Customer about to be treated in the Tataway van.

Serious business: a customer about to be treated in the Tataway van.

Space for customers and equipment.

“We chose the Sprinter because this van provides us with enough space for all of the equipment and the treatment room – and it also looks great”, explains Mr. Marandola and opens the side door. The front section of the cargo area contains a small, practically furnished office. The rear section contains a treatment room – equipped with state-of-the-art laser equipment powered by a diesel generator connected to the Sprinter’s main fuel tank.

Special suspension for any road.

The van was modified by Quality Vans from Phoenix, Arizona. “The greatest challenge when converting the vehicle consisted of safely transporting the temperature-sensitive laser equipment over long distances”, explains Mr. Marandola. The problem was solved by integrating an automatic thermostat along with a special suspension system, ensuring that the Tataway Sprinter travels smoothly to its destination even over rough terrain.

In this Sprinter the Tataway team removes unwanted tattoos.

The Tataway van on the streets of Boston.

5 facts about tattoos and laser removal

  1. The closer the tattoo is to the heart, the easier the tattoo is to remove.
  2. Anyone getting a tattoo needs to ensure that they are not allergic to the inks used and that the tattoo studio is both hygienic and professional.
  3. Dark colors are the easiest to remove. In contrast, yellow, white or pink are almost impossible to remove because these colors do not absorb the laser light in the same way as dark tones.
  4. The deeper the tattoo beneath the surface of the skin, the more difficult it is to remove.
  5. Getting a tattoo while drunk is not a very good idea. Because the higher the alcohol level, the greater the probability that the party tattoo will cause more of a headache the next day than the hangover.

Tattoo removal no matter the distance.

Mr. Marandola and his team have now travelled more than 3,000 miles in their Sprinter and treated more than 200 customers in the last two years. “The Sprinter is the ideal travelling companion,” says Mr. Marandola, summarizing the van’s qualities. “That is why we will definitely convert a second vehicle into a mobile Tataway station in the near future.”

History of tattoo removal

up to 1967

People had their unwanted tattoos removed in painful procedures in which they were abraded or cut out.


The first laser removal of a tattoo by Dr. Leon Goldman.


Transition from ruby lasers to CO2 laser equipment. However, the removal process remains incredibly painful and the results are unattractive.


Dr. Rox Anderson and John A. Parrish revolutionize laser removal by using briefly pulsed lasers and developing a new method.

since 2006

In the last 10 years, laser removal has made incredible progress in every respect: the use of more effective techniques, devices and also better trained specialists have created more aesthetically satisfactory results.

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