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The 5 most creative van business ideas on MYVAN.

Der Mercedes-Benz Sprinter von Games2U.

A van as doctor's practice, spa or a candy store? MYVAN presents the most creative van business ideas.

1. Coffee bar with all-wheel drive: Motofish Coffee and its steaming Unimog.

For the makers of Motofish Coffee, no journey is too far and no road too steep for a good cup of coffee. The coffee aficionados from Seattle travel to even the most remote locations in the northwest in their 1977 all-wheel drive Unimog and supply their local customers with top-quality, lovingly-prepared coffee.

2. Next Level: The Sprinter games hall is the star at every birthday party.

When sack races and pot hitting become too boring, the Texan company “Games2U” comes into play. The rear of their Mercedes-Benz Sprinter contains a true arsenal of video games and other modern entertainment equipment for tomorrow’s digital natives.

3. A little happiness: Gigi’s cupcake Sprinter.

Ice cream trucks? So yesterday! When Gina “GiGi” Butler drives around the corner in her bright pink cupcake truck, then not only children come running to buy the colorful cupcakes. “I love the idea of selling a little happiness every day,” explains the passionate backer and businesswoman, GiGi, in the video about her  Cupcake-Sprinter.

4. Driving pleasure guaranteed: relaxing in the Sprinter wellness temple.

The English woman Carolina Jones transformed her Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into a mobile wellness oasis. In her mobile “Zen Ten Spa” the former BBC journalist offers her visitors a broad range of massages, acupressure or other beneficial treatments. And all that only ten steps away from their own front door.

5. A different type of animal hospital: welcome to the mobile vet.

The Californian vet Dr. Venkat Kunchapu treats his patients in a four-wheeled clinic. The Sprinter was converted into a complete veterinary clinic with the help of the body manufacturer Wag’n Tails.

Photos: MYVAN, Motofish Coffee, Games2U, Zen Ten Spa


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