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EinStückLand: Top-quality Galloway meat from northern Germany – Part 1.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is loaded with boxes

Top-quality meat from animals kept appropriate to the needs of the species – this is what the start-up EinStückLand stands for. The concept: The Galloway cattle will not be picked up for slaughtering before all of it has been sold.

A couple poses in front of a house entrance with the inscription “EinStückLand”

Lina and Hinrich – the couple from Hamburg is the driving force behind the start-up EinStückLand.

A piece of the land for everybody.

Lina and Hinrich founded their start-up EinStückLand in early 2017. Their mission: “We have set ourselves the tasks of taking a critical look at meat consumption patterns in Germany, encouraging people to reflect and rethink their opinions and, beyond that, offering an alternative to meat from the supermarket.” Via their online shop, they market high-quality meat from animals which were allowed to live their lives without factory farming. With their start-up they support smaller businesses, such as those of their breeders or local slaughterhouses. “The animals of our farmers grow up slowly. They defy any kind of weather and are fed with completely natural feedstuffs.” Thus, the meat is not artificially inflated with fattening feed. And this is something you can taste. The subsequent “dry aging” gives the meat its finishing touch, so to speak. The fact that this meat is a high-quality food is something customers will realize once the meat is in the frying pan as it does not lose any water during the searing process.

A Galloway-calf is suckled by its mother

EinStückLand stands for species-appropriate cattle breeding.

Premium meat from species-appropriate breeding.

Hinrich’s parents have owned their own Galloways for 32 years now. Therefore, Hinrich has always been close to the action and began to develop a love for the animals. The civil engineer and Lina, a trained nurse, want to offer an alternative to people. “The conditions existing in meat production, people’s buying behaviour and the current status of the farmers should not be accepted without demur.” With their start-up they want to show that things can be done differently. The key is to reduce meat consumption. “Meat should be consumed as a side dish only”, they think. At present, the start-up offers primarily Galloway cattle. “Ultimately, any breed is worth considering. All that needs to be done is to ensure that the animals are kept appropriate to their needs. If this is not the case, we do not offer that particular breed.” It is important to Lina and Hinrich to use the animals to the fullest. They sell edible parts, such as the tongue and the cheeks, in their farm shop “Deine Speisekammer” (your pantry) whereas the intestines are sold to dog owners. In this way, no part of the valuable meat is wasted.

The principle of “cow-sharing”.

In the villages, it used to be very common to distribute a slaughtered animal among all the villagers. Normally, each of them received one eighth of the cow. In other words, the principle of “cow-sharing” or “crowdbutching” has been in existence for decades. However, in keeping with the spirit of the age, the concept has now been given a modern name. EinStückLand relies on this long-proven method. The benefits are clear: Even before being slaughtered, the animal as a whole has been sold. Nothing is thrown away in the end and there is no overproduction.

Cattle from the pastures of Schleswig-Holstein.

The consumption of sustainable foodstuffs is a matter of vital concern to the two founders. For Lina and Hinrich, the consumption of meat is among the things that must be changed by all means. “We slaughter once a week and offer two cows for sale. When we are out of stock, the sale will restart the following week.” At the core of EinStückLand’s approach are the boxes with fresh meat. Upon delivery, they rely with their trusted logistics company on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Because: Especially on long distances you need a vehicle you can rely on, they explain. “In order to preserve our high meat quality, we pay a lot of attention to the welfare of the animal throughout its lifecycle, from breeding to slaughtering. Respect for and proximity to the animals play a significant role, as well as keeping them in a species-appropriate environment.” On our website, customers learn where each piece comes from and which special taste experience it provides. Good taste is the result of raising animals in a healthy and species-appropriate environment. This also includes asking yourself questions such as: “Where does the meat that we buy for a couple of Euros and put on the grill actually come from?”

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter drives along a pasture with Galloway cattle

The concept: The animal is not collected for slaughtering before all of it has been sold.

Photos: Tim Wendrich

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