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The great outdoors as your playground – adventures in camper vans.

Camper Van at a beach with sunset

With his online magazine "Go-Van", the Canadian Julien Roussin Côté offers camper van fans and enthusiasts a platform to share their amazing stories.

The magazine focuses on the camper fans.

The great outdoors are his playground: thanks to his van, Julien Roussin Côté is at home in the wilderness. Instead of running his own company, he decided to dedicate his work to travelers. While travelling, Julien came up with the idea for the Go-Van online magazine for camper fans. “All of the people with their unique vans and amazing experiences inspired me”, explains the Canadian. Go-Van offers van enthusiasts from all over the world a platform to share their stories. The promise that Julien made himself is also what makes his blog unique: “I promised myself to only publish inspiring stories with high quality images which focus more on the people than on the vehicles”, says the 35-year-old. “Ultimately, the van only enables us to go on incredible adventures. But the people themselves make the journey truly special.”

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The world’s largest playground.

To demonstrate the idea of Go-Van, Julien bought a van and travelled from Montréal to Mexico, recording the journey on video. Many months have passed since then and he has published more than 100 interviews with van owners. Julien is pleased about the positive response to his website. “I receive a lot of enquiries from people who live the same lifestyle or who simply want to buy and want advice”. Julien explains the trend of more and more people moving their lives from four walls to four wheels like this: “More and more people understand that life is not all about spending years paying off a mortgage.” Julien already knows the answer when people ask how he can live in such a small space:

Why should I save up to buy a big house or a big backyard? You could never afford the size of backyard that I have when I travel.

Travelling through the Grand Canyon with a camper van.

The beauty of the landscape often inspires Go-Van operator Julien Roussin Côté.

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  2. That Island Roadtrip– four girlsleft Canada to explore fantastic Iceland
  3. A European History Journey – Hélène and Paule-Elise write about the fristtrip with their Sprinter La Strada

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Working for the magazine does not feel like work

Julien’s working day is just as exceptional as his home. Generally, he spends a week travelling with different people and filming. “For me it never quite feels like work when I am outdoors and I am very grateful for that.” Julien also knows that living in a van is not something for everyone. “Luckily”, he says with a laugh. “Otherwise all the fantastic, remote locations will be incredibly crowded”. He recommends to everyone who wants to live a nomadic life in a van to rent one before buying so that they can find out which model is best for them. Soon, he would like to offer this option himself: “Until now we have offered our audience the virtual van life experience. In future, we would like to make things more realistic. With van tours through California.” Julien hopes to create an even larger community of van enthusiasts. “In the end, we all share the same passion.”

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Camper Van at a beach with sunset

The people Julien meets on his travels become friends for life. They stay in touch via social media.

Travelling with a camper van through the Rocky Mountains.

This summer Julien travelled through the Rocky Mountains for the first time and was fascinated by the landscape's beauty.

Julien sits on the bed in his camper van with his laptop.

Born in Canada, he also has American citizenship. This makes many of his journeys easier for Julien.

Photos: Julien Roussin Côté, Guillaume Beaudoin, Ariane Moisan, Mat Dubé, Renaud Furlotte

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