Hot on the ice: The new Sprinter 4×4

Two Sprinter 4x4 Kombi in the snow

It comes into its own where others reach the limits: The new Sprinter 4x4 offers even better traction on difficult terrain.

Pioneer with allwheel drive

Snow with a depth of roughly two meters. At -15°C a freezing wind howls through the Timmelsjoch. Mercedes-Benz presents the new Sprinter 4×4 against the background of the Alps in Tyrol: The van demonstrates its strengths under these extreme conditions. The all-wheel drive van guarantees that critical extra traction – on any terrain. Serving as a minibus to transport hotel guests to snow-bound Alpine resorts. It also remains a reliable partner on difficult terrain even below the Alpine altitudes: For the technician who needs to transport his tools and heavy spare parts across water-logged fields to a wind turbine. Or who has to battle his way through muddy construction sites.

Equipped for difficult terrain

The new Sprinter 4×4 is the only stock all-wheel-drive vehicle with ESP among the large vans and makes life easy for the driver: The all-wheel drive can be activated at the press of a button, transferring two thirds of the drive power to the rear axle. The 4ETS electronic traction control handles the job: Careful acceleration and steering is enough; technology takes care of the rest. The adaptive ESP is a standard feature and always active, even in all-wheel drive mode. Upon request the new all-wheel drive van can also be equipped with additional reduction gearing, providing it with even greater traction on rough terrain. Optionally, the Sprinter 4×4 can also be fitted with the new Downhill Speed Regulation (DSR). This ensures that the vehicle maintains the pre-set speed when driving down a decline.

Grey Sprinter 4x4 on an icy road

Snow covered street with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4.

The van with off-road ambitions

Although the Sprinter 4×4 is not an all-terrain vehicle, the new raised front and rear chassis gives the all-wheel drive van off-road capabilities – including increased climbing ability, depending on the engine. In addition, the all-wheel drive van, with its low additional weight and fuel consumption, is almost as economical, powerful and environmentally friendly as the rear-wheel drive Sprinter. Five new assistance systems such as the Distance Warning Assist and the Lane Assist also make the new Sprinter 4×4 one of the safest large vans. Regardless of whether ice, snow or mud – the new Sprinter 4×4 is an all-wheel drive professional for true professionals.

Sprinter all-wheel drive with reduction gear

First assignment in the High Alps: on-demand all-wheel drive with reduction gear

Sprinter 319 Bluetec 4X4

Sure-footed on ice and snow: 4ETS with Adaptive ESP

Sprinter 4x4 in the snow

Sprinter 4x4 is able to transport hotel guests to the snow-covered resort in the Alps

Sprinter 4x4 in the snowy alps

When the going gets tough, the Sprinter gets going: the new Sprinter 4x4.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 Timmelsjoch pass

When the going gets tough, the Sprinter gets going: the new Sprinter 4x4

Sprinter 316 Bluetec 4X4 Kombi

Mercedes-Benz Vans is presenting the new Sprinter 4x4 to the public for the first time.


Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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