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The longest journeys and record routes.

A man wearing a backpack and shorts stands on the top of the mountain and gazes into the distance

Whether on foot, by bicycle or tuk-tuk. There are many ways to travel long distances. Some people strive to achieve these records – others achieve them unintentionally. And then there are the routes that simply invite travelers to take them. A selection.

From Portugal to Vietnam in 327 hours.

Planes are not the only way to travel. You can also travel from Portugal to the south of Vietnam by train. However, the journey itself takes a certain amount of time. The route runs from Porto to Paris, Cologne, Brussels, Warsaw, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ulan Bator and Peking to Ho Chi Minh. Over the course of 327 hours you travel roughly 17,000 km in 29 different trains. But more than just the changing trains promises a varied journey. The ticket prices also vary, depending on the stretch of the journey. From a cheap train ticket costing around two euros within Paris to the most expensive ticket from Moscow to Beijing, which costs roughly 1,100 euros. However, the most expensive part of the journey also includes travelling on the legendary trans-Siberian railway.

Railway tracks extending to the horizon, beneath the slightly cloudy blue sky

Long journeys by train.

Around the world in a classic truck.

How long do you need to travel around the world in a Mercedes-Benz truck? When Sabine Hoppe and Thomas Rahn set out to answer the question in 2009 with their short-nose L 911 named “Paula”, they expected to take three years. “Initially, we simply wanted to pass through the countries. But when we noticed just how much there was to see while on the road, we realized that the journey around the world was going to take a lot longer”, reminisces Sabine.Six years, 54 countries and 120,000 km later, the adventurers are certain: having your own vehicle is the best way to travel. “Thanks to Paula, we could discover the world freely and independently,” says Thomas enthusiastically with a glance at the classic blue and white van. “At the same time, we always had a home with us – that was a great feeling!”

Cycling from sign to sign. 6,000 kilometers along the coast.

Toned calves and powerful thighs included – Looking for a more active vacation? What about a long cycling tour along the North Sea Cycle Route? This route runs 6,000 km along the North Sea coast from Bergen in Norway through Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands to the Shetland Islands in the north of Great Britain, making it the longest signposted cycling route in the world. This was recognized with an entry in the Guinness book of records in 2003. Nevertheless, you do not necessarily need to be a cycling athlete. For example, you can choose to travel only part of the entire route. The North Sea coast section is an ideal option. The section of the route is almost always flat and represents a manageable challenge for less trained cyclists and even children. Those with enough time can get to know the countryside and the people beyond the cycling route. In addition to the numerous interesting sightseeing destinations along the route, inland cycling tours are always an appealing opportunity. A side trip to explore the North Sea islands and Halligen is highly recommended.

Additional information and links are available at: Grünes Binnenland or: Northsea Cycle

A young man and his bike in the nature

Touring by bike.

On a roll from Shanghai to Switzerland.

In contrast, the New Zealander Rob Thomson travelled around the world all on his own using transportation such as bicycles, rafts, boats or trains. In fact, he journeyed the 12,159 km from Shanghai to Switzerland exclusively on his skateboard. He needed one year and 97 days for this leg of his journey. He spent five or six hours every day rolling westward on his skateboard to achieve this feat.

A skateboarder on top of an empty car park in the city

Travelling on four rollers.

A record journey in a Sprinter with flashing lights.

Luckily, the New Zealander completed his journey unscathed and without having to travel the longest journey in an ambulance. Instead, just this journey was made by a patient from Denmark between 18th and 20th August 2014. After falling ill in Turkey, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312 diesel ambulance brought her home. She was accompanied by a doctor, an orderly, a nurse and the ambulance driver. Together, they travelled a total of 3,819 kilometers. Read more: Guinnessworld Records

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30,431 kilometres used up 12.5 pairs of hiking boots.

George Meegan reached his destination without an engine but with incredible endurance instead. The Britain set out on foot from the southernmost point in South America in January 1997 and hiked 30,431 kilometers to the northernmost point of North America, Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. His journey took 2,426 days and he wore out 12.5 pairs of hiking boots along the way. The trip along the Pan-American Highway was not without dangers. While George Meegan was crossing the Darién Gap in South America he was shot and also survived a knife attack without injury. The adventurer also experienced wonderful moments during the course of his journey. He married the love of his life and became father of two children. Click here to watch an interview with the adventurer.

Close up the used hiking boots of a hiking person on stony ground

Long-distance hiking.

A world record journey in the motor cycle rickshaw.

Five continents in four years. In spring 2002, Susi Bemsel and Daniel Snaider set out from Germany on their bicycles, headed toward South America. The tour transformed into a journey around the world. They continued their travels in south-east Asia with a tuk-tuk, clocking up 37,410 km. In the process, they set the world record for the longest distance driven in a tuk-tuk. Read more: Traum und Abenteuer.

A green motor cycle rickshaw parked at the curb on a busy road in Asia

Travelling through south-east Asia with a tuk-tuk.

Photos: Unsplash


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