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Hello Adventure – a Swiss couple set off on a world tour in a 310 D.

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Debbi and Dominic are travelling in their Mercedes-Benz 310 D “Fredy” to wherever they want. They rarely have a plan, the name of their blog “Hallo Abenteuer” or “Hello Adventure” says it all.

Adventures are seldom scheduled.

A mountain range in Morocco at night. The rain is pattering loudly against the windscreen of the Mercedes-Benz 310 D. Debbi and Dominic have been on the road for hours now and are desperately looking for a road through the rough landscape. Suddenly a man appears in the dark. In Arabic, he tries to explain to the Swiss couple that this road does not go any further. A little later, they have dinner with his family at his home.

A completely normal day in the life of the two full-time travelers Debbi and Dominic, their dog Emy and the converted camper van named Fredy. Living off their savings, they travel wherever they want to go. They rarely have plans. They always jump right into the middle of the action. The name of their blog, on which they share all their experiences, is therefore fittingly called: “Hallo Abenteuer (Hello Adventure)”.

The Mercedes-Benz 310 D is driving through a desert landscape

Debbi and Dominic are travelling with the 310 D “Fredy” through the Moroccan desert.

Special situations call for special decisions.

It sounds like a daring attitude to life. In fact, the two hesitated for a long time with the decision to get rid of their flat and quit their jobs to live their vanlife dream. Then Debbi got a chronic bowel disease. The therapy seemed hopeless. They both realized that if they wanted to fulfill their dream, they should do it soon. No sooner said than done. They bought their van and left. Then Debbi’s therapy worked out after all.

However, the entry into the vanlife did not go quite that fast. It took them about a year to find the all-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz 310 D in the small Swiss market. But the waiting was to be rewarded. The van had already been used as a camper van in recent years and was therefore already outfitted. So the two had a good starting point to adapt it to their own needs.

  • Dominic seated at the table in the living area of the 310 D
  • The Mercedes-Benz 310 D is driving against the backdrop of a snow-covered mountain range
  • The Mercedes-Benz 310 D crosses a river
  • Debbi sits in the passenger seat in the cockpit of the 310 D

From Iceland to Morocco in the 310 D “Fredy”.

They’ve been on the road for a good six months now. But why in a van? “Because we would probably miss the flight, if we were to fly,” they say with a smile. Last autumn they started their adventure in Iceland. As the temperatures became colder and colder, the two finally drifted further and further south: From France, via Spain, to Morocco. Apart from the temperatures, three factors play an important role for their next location: Nature, food and above all people!

The Mercedes-Benz 310 D stands in front of high mountains in the desert

Debbi and Dominic share a lot of practical vanlife expertise on “Hallo Abenteuer”.

A blog by travelers for travelers.

Their blog also deals with people. In their series of articles called “Fredy’s Friends”, they tell the stories of other vanlifers they have met on their travels. Above all, they share a lot of practical vanlife expertise on “Hallo Abenteuer”, such as how best to choose a suitable travel health insurance or how to solve technical problems with the van.

But let’s face it: Vanlife blogs like these are now all over the net. So what do they want to achieve with it? Originally, they wanted to entertain their family and friends with “Hallo Abenteuer”. Then they went a little further with the idea: They want to reach out and encourage those who are enthusiastic about the vanlife idea but do not dare to take the first step. “The exchange with like-minded people is important and simplifies the start,” they say.

On our blog everyone can come along on our adventure.
Debbi and Dominic pose in front of their Mercedes-Benz 310 D

Debbi and Dominic are proud of their new home, the Mercedes-Benz 310 D called Fredy.

Ugly parking places are also part of vanlife.

As a result, the Swiss couple do not think that there are too many vanlife blogs on the net. Each one can be an enrichment. However, despite all their enthusiasm, they do not like the one-sided image that they believe is conveyed by camper life. “You don’t always stay overnight in wonderful places, but sometimes also in ugly parking lots,” they say honestly.

In addition, unexpected problems can always occur when traveling in a camper van. Once Debbi and Dominic drove too fast over a sand dune in Mauritania, which bent their front axle. Back in Morocco, where Mercedes-Benz vans are part of everyday culture, they were fortunately able to have Fredy professionally repaired. Situations like these are also part of the vanlife experience, you should know. However, with sufficient patience, you will always find a solution; say the two experienced long-term travelers. If you are aware of this, you are ready to say: “Hello adventure!”

The 310 D Fredy.


Mercedes-Benz with all-wheel drive conversion from Iglhaut

Production period

1977 – 1995 (Fredy was made in 1992)

Production plant

Bremen (until 1984) and Düsseldorf (from 1984)


310 D 4×4


OM 602.940 – 2.9-liter diesel engine


5.30 meters


1.80 meters


medium wheelbase

Gross vehicle weight

3.5 tons

Fold in
Fold out
The Mercedes-Benz 310 D is driving on a dry desert road

The Moroccan desert offers breathtaking scenery.

Debbi and Dominic are sitting in the driver's cabin ready to drive off

With Fredy it's up and away to new destinations.

The 310 D drives through a rocky desert

Rough, but the Moroccan landscape is beautiful.

The Mercedes-Benz 310 D is driving in a snowy landscape

In the mountains, you are well advised to have an all-wheel-drive van.

The shown conversions were carried out by independent third parties. The suppliers and conversions were not checked by Mercedes-Benz. In this respect, these illustrations do not represent an assessment of the supplier and/or conversions by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos: Deborah Wanner and Dominic Egloff

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