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GO-VAN X MYVAN: La Chanchita – from school bus to mobile hotel.

An old Mercedes-Benz L 911 parked on the side of a road in South America

When Manu Fombeur saw a Mercedes-Benz L 911 with the license plate “SKI” while on a skiing holiday, he was inspired with the idea of transforming an old city bus into a camper van for outdoor enthusiasts, winter athletes and fans of South America. The result was “La Chanchita” from Argentina.

A camper van for the like-minded.

What is the best way to share a passion for the mountains, for climbing, hiking and winter sports? You buy an old city bus, restore it and convert it into a mobile hotel in which like-minded adventurers can travel throughout South America together. This is exactly what Manu Fombeur did in the Argentinian city of Bariloche. Here, the Frenchman converted a Mercedes-Benz L 911 into a camper van with everything it could need: the luxurious camper van offers guests a bathroom, kitchen, beds for five people, a mini-cinema and even a fireplace. This is the story of Manu Fombeur and “La Chanchita”.

In the cockpit of a Mercedes-Benz L 911 with a snowy South American landscape in the background

Almost like a fairy tale: Manu Fombeur transports his guests to remote locations in South America with the L 911. The journeys usually revolve around skiing, hiking, climbing or surfing.

“SKI” as a license plate? – “That had to be a sign!”

MYVAN: What inspired you to convert an old L 911 into a camper van?

Manu Fombeur: At the time, I was on a long skiing trip in South America and had stopped in Bariloche. I had been travelling there for more than 10 years to go skiing. I immediately saw the old Mercedes-Benz bus. And I noticed the license plate, in particular: it said “SKI”. I immediately knew that this had to be a sign!

MYVAN: What do you mean?

Manu Fombeur: I am a passionate free skier and I knew right away that I had to do something with the bus. To put it better: I could make my dream come true and create a mobile hotel for extreme and winter sports enthusiasts. Unfortunately, I could not afford the vehicle on my own so I contacted a number of sponsors. They were immediately enthusiastic about my idea. I purchased the vehicle and began to restore it. One and a half years later, the L 911 had become “La Chanchita”.

The three people responsible for La Chanchita standing and sitting in front of their L 911

The faces behind La Chanchita: They transformed an old Mercedes-Benz L 911 in Argentina into a comfortable camper van.

Camper vans offer autonomy, mobility and freedom.

MYVAN: What is your vision for the camper van?

Manu Fombeur: South America offers an endless range of opportunities for extreme athletes, adventurers, photographers, film-makers and outdoor enthusiasts. Yet most of the locations and skiing regions, such as those in the Andes, are difficult to reach. Unlike in Europe or North America, the tourism infrastructure is often almost non-existent. That is why a camper van offers autonomy, mobility and freedom. It is the right choice for everyone headed out into the wilderness and who wants to visit the tourist attractions. Regardless of whether climbing, surfing, skiing, hiking, kayaking, cycling or skateboarding: “La Chanchita” makes it happen.

Then I came along and gave it a new, third life: as a camper van.
The “La Chanchita” camper van parked beside a lake in South America

A beautiful mountain lake in the middle of nowhere. It is difficult to reach the beautiful places like this in South America. However, the “La Chanchita” mobile hotel is one solution.

Once a school bus, now La Chanchita.

MYVAN: What do you know about your L 911?

Manu Fombeur: The Mercedes-Benz bus was built in 1966. It was once used as a city and school bus in Buenos Aires. Then it was converted into a freight transporter and was primarily used in Patagonia. Then I came along and gave it a new, third life: as a camper van

MYVAN: Do you live in this camper van yourself?

Manu Fombeur: No, I am the bus driver. This means that I drive my guests throughout South America and take them to places that they would never have visited on their own.

Typical South America means there is no typical tour.

MYVAN: Can you describe a normal tour with the L 911? What is it like?

Manu Fombeur: Every trip is different. There is no fixed plan. People contact me, we work out a rough route together and then we head out. But the route usually changes during the actual journey. We often decide where to drive next day by day. This is the way things are in South America!

MYVAN: Can you tell us three unforgettable moments that you have experienced on your travels through South America?

Manu Fombeur: The Lanin volcano in Argentina on the border to Chile is breathtaking. Patagonia’s seven lake route in the north of Argentina is also something you have to see. El Bolson on the Perito-Moreno glacier is an amazing ski area and is also in Patagonia. One time when I was there, more than one meter of new snow fell within 48 hours.

The interior of the La Chanchita camper van

The interior of the La Chanchita camper van contains everything one needs for a road trip: a small kitchen, bathroom, five beds, comfortable seating and even a wood stove.

Even during the South American winter, the Mercedes-Benz L 911 from La Chanchita cuts a fine figure.

La chanchita in the nature

Manu created a mobile home.

Two men making a campfire beneath the starry sky and in front of an L 911

“La Chanchita” offers its guests a camp fire beneath Argentina’s starry sky together with comfortable, mobile accommodation.

The Mercedes-Benz L 911 from La Chanchita parked on a field track in South America

La Chanchita and the L 911 generally transport the guests into the mountains of Patagonia.

Three skiers prepare for the descent, the L 911 is parked in the background

La Chanchita usually takes its guests into the Andes to go skiing or snowboarding.


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