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“This moving house” – a Sprinter conversion goes viral.

The interior of Jack’s and Lucy’s converted Sprinter

When Jack Richens rebuilt his Sprinter into a mobile home, he did not realize that his project would soon be making waves.

Big Sprinter – small home.

The video about Jack Richens’ Sprinter has been watched over 20 million times and shared over 30,000 times. No wonder – this conversion is a real winner. In four months of work, the 38-year-old from Oxford, England and his girlfriend Lucy, who designed the layout, turned the van into a small home. With the project “This Moving House”, Jack, a skilled radio technician, is very much in demand. The “tiny house” movement, which popularizes life in small houses, has received worldwide attention recently. With a few square meters, Jack and Lucy managed to integrate a large bed for adults and two small berths for their two daughters. There is also a kitchenette and a dining table.

  • Jack Richens in his workshop during the conversion of his Sprinter
  • The inside of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter during the conversion
  • Jack Richens is working on the wood panelling inside the Sprinter
  • The rear part of the sprinter during the conversion, lined with wood

Enough power, when it matters.

The biggest challenge during the conversion was to create room for Jack, Lucy and their two daughters. The van should be spacious and suitable for everyday use, and should allow enough light in spite of the often cloudy British weather. At the same time, everything should be robust and child-resistant. With these requirements, the decision to use the Sprinter for the conversion was easy for Jack. “Over the years, I’ve driven a lot of medium-sized and big vans and the Sprinter has always impressed me with its power.” When Jack drove a Sprinter privately one weekend, he was convinced that this was the van he wanted to use as a basis for the conversion: “You are rarely in a hurry in a converted van, but it is good to know that the Sprinter delivers performance when it matters.”

There wasn’t a day when I did not curse, scream or kick anything. Often I saw no progress for days, which was very frustrating

A van inspired by watercraft.

Life in a van is nothing new for Jack and his family. They already lived seven years in a van to save money for a house. During this time Jack came up with numerous ideas for improving the design and the furnishings. With the project “This moving house” he finally implemented his ideas. The basis this time: a Sprinter 313 CDI. Various watercraft such as barges and canal boats served as inspiration for the interior. The nautical influences are recognizable at first glance: The children’s beds resemble ship bunks with round portal windows. Jack had a lot of time and patience for the conversion: “There wasn’t a day when I did not curse, scream or kick anything. Often I saw no progress for days, which was very frustrating”. But in the end, the hard work has paid off and Jack’s extraordinary design has been recognized worldwide.

The interior of the Sprinter extended by Jack and Lucy

Lucy designed the layouts of the van, which Jack transferred to CAD and implemented.

The kitchenette in the converted Sprinter by Jack Richens

The interior of the vans is lovingly decorated, with details such as colorful tiles and an illuminated world map above the stove.

The exterior of Jack Richens’ Sprinter

Jack will continue to use the Sprinter. He plans to travel through Europe and Africa, in addition to three further conversions by the end of the year.

Jack Richens‘ Sprinter with the back doors open

The rear area of the vans offers additional storage drawers for surfboards or shoes.

Photos: This Moving House

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