Following in the footsteps of the Mount Everest adventurers with the Sprinter.

The Sprinter from Superfeet in front of mountains

The Sprinter proves why it is the perfect companion in the wilderness and on long journeys as it travels throughout America, loaded with kayaks and books.

Books, kayaks and the Sprinter.

Sometimes you only need a little luck and have to be in the right place at the right time. The photographer Freya Fenwood and her boyfriend Leif wanted to tour through America and promote the kayaks built by Freyas’s father and Leif’s new book. Leif is not just an outdoor enthusiast, he is also a writer. They were planning their road trip when they ran into a friend at a dealer exhibition who works for the shoe manufacturer “Superfeet”. They talked about the planned tour and that they were still looking for a partner with a van. Superfeet then provided Leif and Freya with a Sprinter. “It was simply perfect. The Sprinter has everything we wanted and needed”, reminisces Freya.

The Sprinter from Superfeet in the snow with a kayak

During the course of the journey, Leif and Freya travelled through numerous time and climate zones, national parks and states.

Experiences recorded in pictures.

Leif and Freya’s journey takes them thousands of miles through ten federal states and six national parks. The natural environments they explore on their road trip create the perfect backdrop for Freya’s photography. The 29-year-old specializes in outdoor and lifestyle photography. This is her dream job: “I love discovering new places and telling the story of my experiences with my pictures. This job is something special”, she says enthusiastically. But the couple’s trip is about more than just beautiful photos and hiking: 17 events each month are scheduled. Because Leif’s book is about his father, Jim Whitaker, the first American to climb Mount Everest, Freya and Leif travel to new mountain villages every day, to sell the book.

Keep on going, keep on dreaming and keep on working hard for the dream.
Freya standing in her van drinking wine

Freya’s dream is fulfilled.

Well-organized in the Sprinter.

Leif and Freya have returned from their tour. This was not their first road trip, but their first in the Sprinter. “It was so comfortable having everything we needed all in one place. We have travelled a lot but we were never as well-organized as with the Sprinter”, reports Freya. Freya thanks the fact that she can spend months travelling and combine this with her job to a lot of hard work and a stroke of luck. “Especially as a freelance photographer you have to find a niche and be very good at your job.” That is why she recommends that young photographers create a good business plan and look for a mentor. She advises them one thing above all else: “Keep on going, keep on dreaming and keep on working hard for the dream.”

Van Profile



Year of Construction


Permitted gross vehicle weight

3,000 kg

Curb weight

2,220 kg

Loading volume

9.3 m³


2,416 mm


5,926 mm


2,457 mm


3,665 mm

Fold in
Fold out
Freya and Leif in the Sprinter’s bunk bed

In addition to selling books and kayaks, Leif and Freya still had a little time left to go hiking or spend a few comfortable hours together.

Leif sits in the Sprinter and looks out the window

“I let the pictures show the beauty and personality of the objects”, says Freya when asked what makes her photos unique.

Freya and Leif in a kayak on a lake

According to Freya, anyone can live the dream if they are willing to work hard and are determined enough.

The Sprinter from Superfeet seen from the front with the side door open

Freya loves to travel and discover new cultures. She believes that travelling plays a major role in shaping character.

The Sprinter from Superfeet in front of the tree

Loaded up with kayaks and books, Leif and Freya set off on their promotional tour throughout America.

Photos: Freya Fenwood


Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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