A journey into the unknown: travelling through the North American winter with the Sprinter.

A white Mercedes-Benz Sprinter parked in the snowy landscape

The filmmaker and photographer, Hayden Griffith, set out on a voyage of discovery through North America’s snowy landscapes with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from VanCraft.

A photographer searching for adventure.

Hayden Griffith grew up on the southern coast of Australia and spent the majority of his life in the wilderness in Australia and overseas. In 2016, “Capture Magazine” selected the passionate photographer for the final round of “Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers” in the Art category. The zoologist produces content for science and education for schools all over the world. He combines his sense of adventure and passion for photojournalism and film with his love of capturing nature.

A hiker forges through the knee-deep snow

Knee-deep snow in the depths of the North American winter.

A source of inspiration: North America’s winter wonderland.

When it comes to travelling, Hayden has his own unique approach: he feels it is important to consider just how much planning you need to invest in a journey, what you actually need and what you want to see. Because “You can invest time and effort in research in advance but at the end of the day you are out there and things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. However, that is all part of the journey.” Hayden’s short film “The Moment” focuses on this aspect of discovery. With the support of a Sprinter from VanCraft, he spent five weeks immersing himself in the North American winter. His mission: To discover what inspires the group, consisting of Tom, a filmmaker, Hayden, a photographer, and Coen, a pro skier.

The Sprinter as a comfortable refuge.

Hayden’s crew set out with the motto “head out, be inspired and live in the moment”. But travelling like this has certain risks: “To be honest, the journey was a real challenge”, explains Hayden. Problems with the equipment, timing and the weather as well as an occasional lack of experience were the downsides of the road trip. Fortunately, they were able to balance out some of the disappointments and setbacks thanks to sheer tenacity and the freedom to move on at any time. Especially as this led to them taking different routes and discovering new places they probably never would have found otherwise. “The freedom to change locations, take a different route and follow your own instinct and then return to a comfortable van where you can eat and thaw out was one thing that kept the journey alive. Believe me: that is invaluable when you come back from swimming in a river at temperatures of -20 degrees.”

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Places not found on any map.

“Travelling like this, there is a good chance that you will encounter someone or something which changes your life more than you ever could have imagined. Moments like these are irreplaceable”, says Hayden, summing up the road trip. The results: a personal perspective about the value of travelling and the discovery that sometimes the simple experience can make the greatest difference. “For us, travelling means getting away from the masses and discovering people and places that you cannot find on any map. It is about doing what feels right even if it is not what you originally planned. Instead you follow your instincts and see where they take you.”

For us, travelling means getting away from the masses and discovering people and places that you cannot find on any map.

About VanCraft

VanCraft specialises in outfitting and renting Mercedes-Benz T1 Sprinter vans. A road trip through America changed the two founders’ lives. They decided to share their passion for travelling with others in a sustainable and authentic way. In 2016 they pressed the reset button on their careers and turned their sights to restoring T1 camper vans instead. VanCraft’s mission: “To give travellers and adventurers the opportunity to make their dreams come true by providing them with a reliable and comfortable van.”

A surfer with a surfboard on a beach, seen from a bird’s eye view

The most beautiful places are often when you were the only person far and wide.

A surfer with a surfboard under his arm walks through a forest

Sometimes you need to take the road less travelled when searching for inspiration.

A Sprinter parked in front of snow-covered trees with its rear hatch open

Tackling the snow: the team spent five weeks out in the North American winter.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter drives along a road in a snowy landscape

A Sprinter from VanCraft serves the team as a comfortably warm home amid the freezing cold.

Portrait of a smiling skier with his ski goggles raised

In the now: the aim of the journey was to live in the moment.

A skier skis down the slope, throwing up a cloud of snow

The team always explores the wilderness with the necessary respect for nature.

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