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The 10 best travel apps for a road trip you won’t forget.

A Mercedes-Benz van drives along a desert highway

Fancy living for the moment and seeing what comes your way? These 10 apps ensure minimal planning effort - but maximum road-trip fun - no matter what the situation.

No more missed opportunities.

The birds are singing, in the distance is the sound of the sea and the dawn is breaking; dancing in a mass of brilliant color through the window and along your wall. You are free, at ease and surrounded by nature: life in a van on a road trip is wonderful. What’s on the agenda for today? A lie-in, a day at the beach, or an attempt at the next step that will take you closer to your destination? For the undecided, people who love to plan, or simply for the curious, here are the 10 best travel apps for an unforgettable road trip: no matter whether it’s packing lists, restaurant recommendations, emergency services or tour guides – with these applications no wish will go unfulfilled!

A red Mercedes-Benz van in the desert; behind it are balloons

Don’t miss any more wonderful sights, attractions or activities with the 10 best road trip apps!

1. Mein Reiseplaner (iOS).

You have packed your belongings and it is finally time to set off! You are already half way to your destination and you suddenly realize that your beach towels is still at home on the kitchen table. It can be replaced, but often at a considerable cost. It’s annoying – and we have all been there before! With all the things that still need to be organized, it’s easy to lose track of things. These situations are now a thing of the past! Thanks to “Mein Reiseplaner“.

It’s just the thing for people who like to plan in detail in advance: trips and activities can not only be planned with the app but also saved right to your calendar. Everyone knows immediately that a great trip to the beach is planned for the first day of the hols. A packing list is also helpful, especially with regard to that beach towel still lying on the kitchen table. Very practical: pre-prepared lists divided into the categories of clothing, hygiene, camping and lots more – make packing even easier. And if there is still something missing, these items can be easily tackled.

Different utensils for planning a trip on a table

Coordination of trips and packing lists in one: with “Mein Reieseplaner”, you are best prepared for the road trip!

2. Roadtrippers (iOS, Android).

Inspiration required for the route? The “Roadtrippers” app has great offers for everyone: based on the start and destination, the US app finds out the best route – and shows the highlights along the way based on a radius you can set. From sightseeing to restaurants, campsites and fuel stations, there is nothing you won’t find. It shows you either everything or you can filter the top spots based on different categories. A nice side effect: for each displayed search result you also get helpful information, photos and reviews. Your own account even enables you to save the route, create a travel diary and share your trips either privately with friends or publicly.

A Mercedes-Benz van drives through water

With “Roadtrippers” you won’t miss any more top sights! It is always worth taking a small detour to see these attractions.

3. Waze (iOS, Android).

On a road trip, no two days are the same – out on the road, there is a lot to discover driving through different places and regions: different landscapes, attractions and cultures all pass by your window. Unless, of course, you are stuck in a traffic jam. There is nothing more annoying than spending your long awaited holiday in a queue of cars. Enough is enough! With “Waze“, a user-based traffic app, you get to easily avoid jams, building sites and speed radars. The app is basically a navigation system that processes information from other users about risk sites, integrates it into the system and makes it available to other users – in real time. So if there is an accident on a specified route, the app takes you round it: saving you a lot of annoyance and time spent waiting.

A mug and a car

Traffic jams never come at a convenient time. “Waze” puts an end to them – and shows you ways of simply driving round them!

4. Tollsmart (iOS, Android).

A rough budget for your trip is important, as otherwise the costs can build up fast. Some things often fall by the wayside in your calculations: not only is the fuel for the van a considerable cost, but also any tolls on the route. The app “Tollsmart” is great to get an idea of the potential costs or find a more economical route. To enable you to work out the price exactly, the app enables you to set up a user profile with the correct vehicle specifications. If you are happy with your route, you can even purchase tickets in advance through the app.

Various utensils can be seen inside a Mercedes-Benz van

A more precise idea of the costs doesn’t hurt: “Tollsmart” ensures that users won’t come across any nasty financial surprises along the way.

5. (iOS, Android).

The radio is turned up loud, the van is tearing along the highway at a high speed. The trip is fun! Everyone is singing and laughing and then all of a sudden: there is a noise and a bang and smoke everywhere. A breakdown! Stuck in the middle of nowhere, everyone is wondering why their otherwise so reliable vehicle has broken down. No emergency phone to be seen and the sun is burning down from high up in the sky. What to do now? Horror scenes like these are the basis for the app, “ – Roadside Assistance and Towing Service“. As the name states, it gets its users out of every mess – thank to GPS tracking. Operation is simple: you specify what kind of help you need and the app sends an emergency call and connects the user with the respective local services. Once that is done, all you need to do is sit back and relax and wait for the knights in shining armor!

A Mercedes-Benz van driving in a desert

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere: if a tyre is flat or the tank is empty, “” helps you – no matter where you are.

6. Can I Eat It? (iOS, Android).

Highlights on holiday: a delicious evening meal in a typical local pub, around the corner. Taking in new fragrances, different tastes, trying out new things – sometimes, tasting the local delicacies can be quite an adventure. Especially in cultures that differ quite strongly from your own. And you might quite often find yourself asking: “Can I really eat that?” When in doubt, try the app “Can I Eat It?“. With its huge database of the possible variations you could find on your plate, it always has the right answer at the ready. Simply enter the respective country you are currently in and answer some questions about the look, shape and other qualities of the food to get an evaluation: food marked red shouldn’t be eaten at all! If you get a yellow, be cautious, while green means there is no problem at all! So: enjoy your meal!

Three spoons of different spices

Sometimes at first glance you can’t tell if you can eat something or not. “Can I eat this?” will help!

7. Findery (iOS, Android).

On a road trip, you will experience unique moments, discover wonderful places, get to know foreign cultures and see spectacular views of landscapes never seen before. You won’t want to forget a thing – with photos, stories and maybe recommendations for other road-tripsters. Using “Findery” you can! The app is a travel diary and tour guide in one: not only will you see great places close to where you are but also notes about them made by other users. This way you can put together your own travel blog full of personal experiences, dreams, emotions and images – and make it all available to the world. If you prefer to keep your road trip experiences to yourself – you can simply set access to private. A great way to document your own stories!

Someone writes something into a notebook, to one side a tablet, PC, coffee and Polaroids

With “Findery”, note down your memories – in the form of a travel diary.

8. TrackMyTour (iOS).

We have all experienced it: friends and family are concerned, can’t sleep and want to know all about the road trip – all the time. To make sure they are not worried, why not try “TrackMyTour“? The app maps out the route you have taken in a virtual map and enables you to mark different points along the way: with photos, notes or simply information to share your location. This route can be posted on Facebook and Twitter and shared with your loved ones – so they always know your whereabouts. A practical benefit is that the app can also be used offline as a personal travel blog: have a great trip!

A blue Mercedes-Benz van is parked in a field with horses

With “TrackMyTour”, share your location, photos and notes with friends and family – some moments are particularly worth it!

9. iTranslate (iOS, Android).

Different countries, different customs – and languages: to make sure your next conversation using gestures doesn’t turn into a session at the gym, here is the solution. With “iTranslate“, you can translate not just single words but entire sentences in 90 languages. The finished text is shown in the display and can be read to you in the target language. There is no way errors or misunderstandings can be incurred through pronunciation – and the tuna sandwich you thought you ordered won’t turn out to be scrambled egg and bacon.

Three women, chatting and laughing

Talking in a foreign language you don’t know? No problem! “iTranslate” translates entire sentences and reads them to you.

10. Shpock (iOS, Android).

Back from a long trip: you have brought back many indescribable memories – and a whole load of new purchases. Unpacking can be quite a job if it takes days – and you don’t really know what to do with everything: your cupboard is overflowing and there is no room left on the shelves. What now? After your credit card has been put to extensive use on holiday, it is not just time to make more space, but also to refill that very empty piggy bank. And that’s just where “Shpock” comes into play – the app for selling second-hand items. The principle is the same as a flea market: just upload the item with a suitable photo and price suggestion – and you are done. You get the money when a buyer shows interest and both confirm the deal.

A Mercedes-Benz van with open doors and sun shining in

No more space? Sell things you don’t need anymore and make space for new things with “Shpock”, the flea market app.

Photos: Stockphotos, Christian Adam, Paul Nitzschke – Passport Diary,, Gerrit Sievert, Heiri und Laura Kunz, Tsp


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