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The ten best partners for camping van conversions in the USA.

A converted Sprinter from Sportsmobile in the middle of the forest

Flexible, robust or luxurious? A four-wheel camper has to fit your wishes exactly. Here you will find the best US partners for the conversion of your van.

A camper van – as individual as its owner.

Every person is different and it is clear that the requirements of your motorhome are as individual as you are. Do you want to escape the daily grind and explore the world with your van? Do you need a mobile office to work whenever and wherever you want? Or do you want to be able to set off on a spontaneous adventure at any time? The right vehicle can be the answer to all these questions. Mercedes-Benz Vans offers the ideal basis for these van conversions, because they can be adapted to your own requirements in a particularly flexible manner – no matter how unusual they may be. You still need the right van converter to make your vehicle your very own home on four wheels? Here you will find ten converters from the USA, who can make this dream come true for you.

1. El Kapitan – van artists for very individual requirements.

El Kapitan is all about creativity: every vehicle that leaves the workshop in Huntington Beach should be unique. The result is practical offices on four wheels, luxury vans and even showrooms with wardrobes. True to the motto “you dream it, we build it”, El Kapitan’s “van artists” make the impossible possible. However, the US company prefers to develop Sprinters into travel campers, where you can escape from everyday life and at the same time set off on any leisure activity. Whether it’s a surfboard, ski equipment, camping gear or even a motorbike, everything finds a place. And even though the company has produced 15,000 conversions since 2002, one thing remains the same for every van: El Kapitan’s artistic signature.

A Sprinter parked on the beach with a surfboard attached to the side

El Kapitan from Santa Barbara converts Sprinters for various leisure activities, such as surfing.

2. Colorado Camper Van – the specialists for roof tents.

When a Sprinter enters the Colorado Camper Van workshop, it literally grows in size. The Colorado based company specializes in “pop tops”– automated sleeping tents installed in the roof of the van. What began as a small project in the domestic garage in Loveland, Colorado, USA, has meanwhile become a great success. The numerous customers love Colorado Camper Van’s simple yet generous solutions. These are also used in the interior, however – depending on individual requirements and budget, four conversion stages are available. Despite its success, the family business remains true to its original mission: to enable every van owner to lead a life full of adventure.

A Sprinter with a roof tent is parked in the wild

Colorado Camper Vans from Loveland is best known for its pop-tops roofs.

3. Becker Automotive Design: pure luxury on four wheels.

Vin Diesel, Ben Affleck or Dr. Dre – the list of Becker Automotive Design customers reads like a Hollywood’s “Who’s Who”. The stars and starlets prefer to be driven through the streets of Los Angeles in the “JetVan”. This converted Sprinter looks more like a private jet than a van. But businessmen have also discovered the US company for themselves: when time is money, the van quickly becomes a mobile office – including Wifi, screens and storage space. High-quality sound design, dimmable LED lighting and massage seats also provide the necessary relaxation after the work is done. Of course, the company is also open to unusual requests for optional extras: one customer had all the seats replaced by fitness equipment.

The luxurious interior of a JetVan with light brown leather seats

More a private jet than a van: the JetVan from Becker Automotive Design.

4. Van Specialities – variety with a click.

Individuality is the key to success at Van Specialities, where no two rebuilds are alike. Every vehicle is precisely adapted to the customer’s wishes – and has been for more than 40 years. The US company from Oregon also makes it particularly easy for its customers to keep an eye on the total price: various options can be pre-booked and summed up online.  It can be difficult when it comes to making a decision because Van Specialities has no limits on the variety of combinations and the range of products is particularly extensive – for example, the Sprinter  alone has six different bed systems to choose from. The only thing that helps here is to be inspired by existing conversions.

A Sprinter with ladder extension is parked at a parking lot

Van Specialities from Oregon has a particularly varied offer for its customers.

5. Creative Mobile Interiors – custom-made products without borders.

There should be no limit to a dream: Creative Mobile Interiors transform vans into individual homes on four wheels. Mass-production or ready-made plans? They’re not at the Grove City company in Ohio. Creative Mobile Interiors relies on unique pieces that make every customer’s dream come true. For this purpose, hundreds of different materials can be selected for the interior. But all the custom-made products have one thing in common: they are built with great care and attention to detail. The company is particularly fond of converting Sprinters into high-quality, modern motorhomes for the whole family. However, for the van experts from Ohio there is only one rule of thumb: no order is too large or too small.

The interior of a Sprinter with bright furniture

Elegant and functional at the same time: Creative Mobile Interiors turns Sprinters into practical motorhomes.

6. RB Components – the online shop for DIY enthusiasts.

Whoever is reluctant to hand over the conversion of his van to someone else, is in the best of hands with RB Components from Santa Fee, California. Everything can be ordered online from A to Z in the mail order business for camper vans and garage equipment. Whether it is a bench seat, shelf system, bed surface or lighting – the more than 5,000 items are sure to suit every taste. RB Components is also happy to take over the entire conversion: models such as the “Sprinter adventure van” – are the pride and joy of the US company. Because they fulfil the company’s ambitious goal: to transform vehicles into true space wonders that really look good. Particularly practical: ready-made vans can be compared online. Click here for the Sprinter conversions.

A Sprinter converted by RB Components on hill

RB Components is primarily an online retailer for motorhome equipment, but the company also converts its own vans.

7. Outside Vans – for sports enthusiasts.

Off-road, these vans feel at home: the special products of Outside Vans make it through almost every terrain, be it snow, mountain trails or the forest. True to the motto “Life is too short to get stuck”, the company from the US state of Oregon converts four-wheel drive vehicles such as the Sprinter 4×4 into comfortable motorhomes. In these, customers can venture out into the great outdoors without having to leave their bicycles, surfboards or snowboards at home. Because: owners of an Outside Van are mostly sports enthusiasts who are looking for action, freedom and adventure in the wilderness. The company also reports their experiences on its website, where valuable tips for life in a van can be found.

A converted Sprinter with the side door open on a forest path

Perfect for adventure and action: The four-wheel drive vehicles such as the Sprinter 4×4 from Outside Vans.

8. Superior Custom Designs – the one stop shop.

Anyone who likes to do it all in one place should take a look at Superior Custom Designs (SDC): the company from Pittsburgh not only rebuilds vans in a variety of ways, but even gives them a new coat of paint, graphics or extras for outdoor use. The van professionals usually convert Sprinters or freightliners into luxury vehicles, shuttle busses, camper vans or refrigerated trucks. But occasionally a Vito or Metris also winds up in the workshop. At SDC, customers are closely involved in the design and production processes, so that every wish becomes reality – and a completely new van leaves the “one stop shop”. Some particularly successful examples can be found here.

A Sprinter in colorful print on a parking lot

Superior Custom Designs from Pittsburgh not only rebuilds vans, but also paints or prints them on request.

9. Townsend Travel Trailers – experience unlimited freedom.

The most beautiful things in the world are often quite simple: with this motto, Townsend Travel Trailers transforms camper vans, especially Sprinters, into beautiful motorhomes. Sustainability is particularly important for the company based in Santa Barbara, using mainly natural materials such as wood. However, Townsend Travel Trailers does not have a “standard” offer. Only together with the customer is a conversion plan devised, which exactly matches the customer’s requirements. To do this, he or she first fills out a questionnaire. Which van is to be converted? What kind of trips are planned and what kind of extras are desired? However, it often turns out that it doesn’t take too much for a spontaneous adventure. Even low-cost ideas can turn into something big with Townsend Travel Trailers – unlimited freedom.

The interior of a Sprinter is covered with wood, just like the furniture

Townsend camper vans like to use natural materials such as various woods for the conversion of their vehicles.

10. Sportsmobile – family vans for adventure and everyday life.

Only use your camper van for travelling? The founders of the US converter Sportsmobile thought that was not enough. That’s why the company from Fresno builds camper vans, which can be easily driven in the city. And in fact, a large number of customers also use their van as a family car. The Metris Terra Camper based on the Metris from Mercedes-Benz is particularly suitable for this purpose. In order to accommodate up to four people, a “penthouse top” is included, a weatherproof, easy-to-install roof tent. Despite its com pact size, the motorhome is a true space miracle – and thus ideal for adventure and everyday life. Sportsmobile is one of the oldest van converters in the USA – and has been making vans real family members since 1961.

Sportsmobile Metris Terra Camper Edition with an extended roof tent

Practical in the city, flexible when travelling: the Metris Terra Camper Edition.

The shown conversions were carried out by independent third parties. The suppliers and conversions were not checked by Mercedes-Benz. In this respect, these illustrations do not represent an assessment of the supplier and/or conversions by Mercedes-Benz.


Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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