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Ten panoramic roads that will take your breath away – Part 2.

A woman leans against a white Mercedes-Benz Sprinter on a sandy beach

MYVAN has put together a list of ten panoramic roads for you that offer the perfect views on your road trip. Part 1 has led us from Europe’s western island nations to the most northern and southern reaches of America. In Part 2, our itinerary includes routes through South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Japan.

#6 South Africa: Garden Route.

The Garden Route on the N2 runs along the southern coast of South Africa from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. Most of the 750 kilometre long route is actually inland and passes through a unique sanctuary with verdant green and colourful nature. Along the way, you pass towering mountains, rough coasts, almost endless beaches and lagoons. There are also a number of safaris that you can take to watch wild animals. You should plan at least 10 days for your trip so that you have time to discover the incredible Tsitsikamma coastal forest near Plettenberg Bay, try out Blackwater tubing on the Storms River or go surfing at Jeffrey’s Bay. More adventurous travellers can also jump from the 200 metre high Bloukrans Bridge – one of the world’s highest bungee jumping bridges.

A bridge crosses a deep gorge in a green, slightly mountainous landscape

Bloukrans Bridge is the highest bridge in Africa and attracts daredevil adventurers from all over the world.

#7 New Zealand: Forgotten World Highway.

If you are looking to travel through virgin forests and an almost untouched hill country, the Forgotten World Highway in New Zealand is a good option. The 155 kilometre long Highway 43 runs between Stratford and Taumarunui. Along the way you pass through Whangamomona, the world’s smallest republic, and the plunging depths of the Tangarakau Gorge. At 150 vehicles per day, there is almost no traffic, making the green hills and valleys even more enjoyable. 11 kilometres of the route is gravel rather than sealed road. You should plan roughly three hours for the trip. Along the way, we recommend taking a side trip to the 85 metre high Mount Damper Falls.

A sealed road curves through an intensively green hilly landscape

If you choose the inland highway instead of the coastal route, you will be rewarded with untouched landscapes and breath-taking views.

#8 Australia: Great Ocean Road.

The 243 kilometre long Great Ocean Road is another highlight and winds along the southern coast of Australia. It is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world and was included in the Australian National Heritage List in 2011. The B100 runs past forbidding steep cliffs and along fine sandy beaches. There are numerous opportunities for surfing or hiking. The Great Otway National Park is halfway along the route. Here you can discover both bright eucalyptus forests and dark, dense rainforest. We recommend a side trip along the Otway Lighthouse route where you can encounter wild koalas. Planning five days to travel the Great Ocean Road is recommended.

Two sandstone rocks protrude from the ocean in front of sheer cliffs

The spectacular Great Ocean Road takes you from one natural highlight to the next.

#9 Hawaii: Road to Hana.

The Road to Hana is regarded as Maui’s most beautiful panoramic road and runs from Kahului to Hana. On the two-lane routes 36 and 360 you cross 54 bridges and roughly 600 hairpin corners. The route is 103 kilometres long and takes two hours. Yet we recommend spending the night at the halfway point which offers numerous waterfalls, beaches and botanical gardens. Because the route is very famous and popular among tourists, it is worthwhile travelling the Road to Hana on a weekday and very early in the morning.

A sign with the lettering “Halfway to Hana” hangs on a white fence next to the road

The Road to Hana winds along the east coast of Maui and holds many surprises for travellers.

#10 Japan: Taisetsu-Furano Scenic Byway.

Route 237 between Shimukappu and Biei on Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s four main islands, runs through an ocean of flowers. The route takes you past the Taisetsu Mountains and the Tokachi Mountains and offers a view of vast flower nurseries, some of them spanning more than 15 hectares. The panoramic lavender fields are especially famous and bloom in July. Depending on the season, poppies, sage, sunflowers and cosmos may also be in full bloom. The route itself is less than 100 kilometres long but it passes innumerable flower nurseries, making “garden hopping” a must.

Field with colourful flowers surrounded by pine forest

In addition to the colourful fields of flowers, the region is also renowned for its numerous thermal baths.

Photos: Joe and Kristyn Wagner (website header); Esmée Winnubst (New Zealand)


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