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10 reasons why life is better in a van.

A Mercedes-Benz LA 911 B driving through water in Namibia

From the preparation to the journey itself – life in a van is an incomparable experience. Ten reasons why you should make a road trip in a van.

Why traveling in a van is unbeatable.

Your first look out the window in the morning is the blue sea, in the evening you can admire the starry sky – whether a short break or a trip around the world: life in a van offers many beautiful moments, which are essential to experience. Why would you want to go on a great discovery tour with your camper? Get inspired by the images on the Go-Van Instagram channel.

1. Your own home.

Book an anonymous hotel room? Never again. Because the van becomes your own home: the interior of the vehicle can be designed freely according to your wishes – and all your treasures are, of course, with you at all times. To make things easier for your holiday preparations, here is a pack list to download for free.

2. Infinite possibilities.

Today to Holland, tomorrow to Sweden: with your van you are incredibly flexible with your travel planning. Despite all the spontaneity – there is one thing you should not forget: reliable equipment. How about a map and a compass? Thus, on your way to the unknown, no reception dead spots can get in your way.

3. The journey is the reward.

It is not just about the destination, the journey itself is part of the adventure. On the infinitely wide streets around Salt Lake City, you can feel unlimited freedom and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The state of Utah promises true diversity: the extreme prairie climate offers hot summers and heavenly winters. The region is so popular among winter sports enthusiasts that even the 19th Olympic Winter Games were held there.

4. Home is where your van is.

With a van the whole world is your home. This idea really attracted Jess and Jonny from Down Under. Out of everyday life and into an adventure: in 2015, they exchanged their flat for a Sprinter and they now live in their camper – without permanent residence.

5. To spend time together – for example with the family.

In everyday life, we often find too little time for our loved ones: But life in the van offers just that – shared experiences with relatives or friends. A four-member family from France wanted to experience exactly these adventures: they have been traveling around the world since 2014 in their van named “Le Loup Gris” and share their stories with us on Instagram.

6. Discover new countries and cultures.

Just drive off and see the world from a different perspective: in your van you do not only discover foreign countries, but you also learn about local people and their culture. In Dutch villages, for example, you will not only encounter windmills: if a backpack is hanging out the window of the house, it means the graduation of a resident. If there is a wooden stork in the garden, that means a child was born. A trip to the Netherlands over New Year’s Eve is also worthwhile, as the New Year is traditionally greeted in with a “Nieuwjaarsduik” – diving into the sea.

7. Wake up in the middle of nature.

You open your eyes in the morning and your first glance falls on a lake, mountain or even a desert. You can only experience a moment like with the camper – and it is certainly the best start to the day. The Spanish guitarist and street performer Borja and his Danish friend Suzanne agree. After traveling through Europe for two years with a tent, they bought a more comfortable van and turned it into their own gem: now van life can start.

8. Adventure is waiting for you.

With your van to a foreign country – everywhere exciting experiences await you: mountain biking, a diving trip or a mountain hike. But you can camp not only in summer, Hymer and Sprinter 4×4 offer ideal conditions for a holiday in the snow. The trails from the campsite to the ski piste are usually much shorter than with a hotel: in Sölden, the Gaislachkoglbahn is only 200 meters away from your van, ideal conditions to be the first on the slopes in the morning.

9. Cooking in the open.

True adventurers also need food- and surrounded by wilderness, cooking becomes a real experience. “Back to the roots” is the motto, literally. The Dutch oven has a long tradition in the USA and Australia: since the 18th century, it has been used for cooking, frying and baking over an open fire. A life in harmony with nature.

10. A relaxation place on the road.

After a hard day of adventuring everyone needs a home – and in your cozy van you can relax especially well. If you are already dreaming of your next destination, it is worth it to be early! In order for you to prepare for your next holiday, read about ten steps to get your van ready for the season in the following article.


Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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