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Off-road with Segways and the Vito.

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SeWaTo's off-road Segway tours can be an action packed adventure: off-road and in any weather. The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a constant companion.

Through virgin nature with an electric motor.

No traffic, no road works, no people within hearing distance. The sound of birdsong and branches breaking underneath the special Segway’s broad tires are the typical sounds on the SeWaTo tours. The company has offered a broad range of trips through the Black Forest for almost 10 years. “We see ourselves as ambassadors of the region and want to introduce our customers to the countryside of our home”, says Reinhold Strecker, founder and managing director of SeWaTo. In addition, the company also offers tours throughout Europe, tailored to the customer’s specific needs. There are almost no limits to the route itself: the SeWaTo Segways are capable of travelling off-road and equipped for every terrain.

A group of Segway drivers on a tour through the forest.

SeWaTo’s tours take customers through the Black Forest’s untouched nature.

The Vito as a powerful workhorse.

However, the most important vehicle in SeWaTo’s fleet is not a Segway, but is at least as flexible. The Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer is the heart of every tour through the Black Forest. With a loading height of 1,326 cm and a variable seat configuration, it can comfortably transport three or four Segways. This makes the Vito the perfect base for longer tours. The vehicle’s appearance also has a lot to offer. Logos decorate the matte black carbon look hood, sides and rear. Black alloy wheels round out the van’s sporty look.

On longer tours, the company Vito simply transports the Segways in a special trailer. This provides a space for the 20 off-road machines and the van’s powerful engine ensures that the team can easily reach even remote starting points.

Our tours take place all year round and in all types of weather. We need a vehicle which can handle these changing conditions. We tried out a lot of vans but the Vito was the best vehicle for our needs because of its outstanding towing performance and flexibility.
The Mercedes-Benz Vito from SeWaTo in long grass.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito from SeWaTo features an inspiringly sporty look.

Equipped for difficult terrain.

Reinhold Strecker has long been a fan of Mercedes-Benz. Strecker’s first company vehicle was a Viano. The van was a loyal companion until it eventually became too small for the company’s growing needs. The company needed a new van to capably handle the various customer requirements. The Vito was the company founder’s first choice. In addition, the van’s high quality look was another key criterion, explained Strecker. The next company vehicle has already been decided: a Vito 4×4 for difficult terrain.

The SeWaTo Vito with a trailer on a field.

The Vito can transport the tour equipment anywhere.

A special Segway fitted with tools.

The off-road Segways can even carry tools.

Two Segway pilots driving down stairs.

Even stairs are no problem for the Segways.

A Segway pilot leads into a corner in long grass.

The off-road Segways at home beyond the boundaries of sealed roads.

SeWaTo’s most popular tour is the “Segschwänzle Tour – low-tech meets high-tech” which starts in the old Blumberg train station. The Segways are loaded into a historical steam train which takes the participants on a panoramic journey through the Black Forest. The Segways then return to the base and the route repeatedly crosses paths with the returning “Sauschwänzlebahn” train.

Photos: Felix Schwarz


The Vito helps you get ahead – both out on the road and in your business. Its cost-effectiveness and quality are as exemplary as its versatility and safety.

Mercedes-Benz Vito
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