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How to prepare your camper for Spring in 10 steps.

La Strada Nova camper on a bridge

Spring is also the beginning of the camping season – Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy the outdoors and the weather with a camper van or caravan.

Simply drive where the journey takes you.

The year’s first sunshine often inspires us to head outdoors. But those of us lucky enough to be able to drive where the journey takes us with our own caravan or camper van should take care of a few things first. Whether a camper van based on the Citan or Vito, a Sprinter chassis or a converted Unimog: these ten tips explain how to prepare your camper van for spring in the blink of an eye. Then you will be ready for a trip outdoors.

A small tip in advance: The specialist dealers are often very busy at the start of the season. Booking the spring inspection during the winter season is a good idea.

1. Spring Cleaning.

The essentials of owning a house or apartment must not be neglected with a caravan or camper van either. The vehicle needs to be cleaned thoroughly, outside and inside. The roof should also be cleaned, especially when the van has spent the winter outside. Then you can determine ahead of time whether there is any water damage inside the body.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter in the countryside

The freshly cleaned caravan shines in the first spring rays.

2. Trust is good, control is better.

This applies to the engine, in particular. The engine oil and the antifreeze in the radiator and windscreen wiper system also need to be checked.

Der schwarze Mercedes Benz Caravan

It depends on the inner values – checked engine after the spring inspection.

3. Voltage.

No one wants to discover that the battery is empty, out in the middle of nowhere. That is why you always need to disconnect the battery (and also the spare battery, if the vehicle has one), check the voltage and recharge if necessary.

Display of the battery in the camper

Always check the current state of the battery.

4. Water system.

No one wants to have to deal with last year’s leftovers. Sewage which is not disposed of stinks and old “freshwater” may contain unhealthy bacteria. That is why the water system needs to be emptied. Empties still in the vehicle also need to be disposed of.

Kitchen and fridge of a camper

With a functioning water system there are no inconveniences during the trip.

5. Water pipes.

Once the old water has been removed, the water pipes also need to be checked. We recommend filling them, rinsing them and testing their function and checking for leaks. If necessary, treat the pipes with cleaning agents from a camping specialist.

The water pipes of a camper

Spring cleaning also includes the cleaning of water pipes.

6. Electrical system.

Functioning indicators, brakes and parking lights are essential. That is why it is important to test the electrical system.

Vehicle functions and technology on the electric display

Turn signals, brake and parking lights belong to a traffic-proof camper.

7. Tires

The tires on a caravan, in particular, have to handle heavy loads. That is why it is very important to check the tire pressure and adjust it if necessary. The tires also have to be replaced every six years. The age of the tires is contained in the DOT number. This is on the side of the tire and consists of the last four digits (calendar week, year).

A black Mercedes Benz in the terrain

Tire pressure, tread depth and DOT number should be checked regularly.

8. Gas system.

Reconnect the gas system to the gas bottle and check all of the equipment that uses gas (cooker, heating, water boiler, etc.) before you depart.

The kitchen inside a camper

Nowhere else does it cook more comfortably than in a functioning kitchen with gas on its own four wheels.

9. Inspection appointments.

Certain inspection appointments need to be kept. That is why it is important to check whether any vehicle inspections, gas or moisture checks are due.

Black Mercedes Benz caravan in a village

The approved and safe caravan is ready for the journey.

10. Ongoing checks.

Now the caravan is ready for the first trip of the year! If you want to be on the safe side then you should check that everything is working perfectly throughout the season.

Mercedes Benz caravan in front of a lake

With a functional caravan in the great outdoors: This is an excursion to enjoy relaxed.

Photos: La Strada / Hymer

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