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The best partners for camping bodies in Germany.

A group of young people in the mountains at sunset

Converting your own van into a mobile camper is a dream that more and more people want to fulfill. You can find the best partners for customized camping bodies here.

The world: your home. The van: your house.

Simply grab the car key and head out into the blue? A bag of fresh clothes, stop at the supermarket and the journey can begin. The destination could be anywhere because you have everything you need – a bathroom, kitchen, space to live, work and sleep. The Sprinter is the ideal camping van. But who converts it into a camper? Although ready-made bodies are available, life does not always fit a specific template: do I need space for my family or are there just the two of us? Am I only taking a surfboard or my motorbike, as well? Do I need extra storage space for my photography equipment? When the Sprinter becomes a mobile home, then it has to perfectly match its passengers’ needs – otherwise the journey will be no fun at all. Here we present the best partners in Germany for camping bodies for the Sprinter. They either support the renovation or transform the Sprinter into a professionally built camper van in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Kirchgessner Campingausbau: comfort bodies with natural wood.

Kirchgessner Campingausbau

The unique thing about Kirchgessner Campingausbau is the use of waxed natural wood – entirely without any toxic additives. Naturally, everything is manufactured according to the customer’s specific requests and requirements. The master joiner Robert Kirchgessner has been independent since 1985 and specializes in box bodies made of natural wood. He has made his hobby into his job. His special frame construction provides maximum structural strength with minimum weight. The use of wood creates a warm and comfortable ambience – precisely the right surroundings for a long journey in the Sprinter.

An interior for the Sprinter made of natural wood

Natural wood adds warmth to any interior design – including the Sprinter.

Urban Reisemobile: thanks to the Sprinter.

Urban Reisemobile

The company Urban Reisemobile from Lenggries has specialized in customized box bodies since 2004 with the motto “Everything is possible”. The company aims to do something different than “normal” body manufacturers and tackles in every challenge, no matter how unusual. The Managing Director Andreas Urban is a qualified joiner and has studied interior design as well. That is why he knows exactly how much functionality is necessary and also understands how to implement playful ideas. These ideas are constructed in his own workshop. However, Urban Reisemobile also offers partial bodies or conversions which customers can continue to modify themselves.

Sprinter interior from Urban Reisemobile

This is what the Sprinter looks like on the inside – a body from Urban Reisemobile.

Dopfer Reisemobilbau: Top-class travel.

Dopfer Reisemobilbau

For more than 25 years, Dopfer has been working to make every camper van that leaves its workshop something unique. Every job begins with a personal meeting and extensive discussions about the use and requirements for the Sprinter. This ensures that the company finds a unique solution for every request. No two completed camper vans are the same. Partners produce the empty cabins and Dopfer handles the creative aspect – the interior design. The company’s own joinery manufactures the furniture by hand and modifies the material to match the customer’s taste.

A camper van body from Dopfer Reisemobilbau

Top-class travel with Dopfer Reisemobilbau.

ka mobile: What does not fit, is made to fit.

ka-mobile – Reisemobile und Zubehör

Whether camping or expedition vehicle: ka mobile from Althengstett specializes in custom-built solutions for experienced travelers. In keeping with the motto “adapt your camper van to you and not the opposite”, ka mobile manufactures unique products for special requirements. The company creates technologically sophisticated solutions together with partner companies and not even satellite or solar systems represent a major challenge. Smaller scale projects are also possible. DIY enthusiasts receive support materials from ka mobile if they want to work on their favored vehicle themselves.

A blue expedition vehicle based on a Mercedes 1017

A Mercedes 1017 with a box body, converted into an expedition vehicle by ka mobile.

HRZ Reisemobile: A heart for vans since 1972.

HRZ Reisemobile GmbH

HRZ Reisemobile has a passion for custom-made campervan bodies. The camper van company from Öhringen has been delivering just the right hardware and software for the perfect vacation in the Sprinter since 1972. Over the course of the years, the company has gained extensive experience in van bodies and offers a selection of more than 200 furniture styles, 100 floor coverings, along with a variety of options for the side cladding and seat upholstery. The extensive image gallery along with the numerous travel stories from countries such as Botswana, Norway or Alaska linked via the home page reflect the vast number of satisfied customers. These van bodies have travelled the world.

A sprinter with a camper van body painted with images showing northern Germany

The perfect equipment for every journey – a Sprinter from HRZ Reisemobile.

JOKO Wohnmobilausbau: customization begins with the layout.

JOKO Wohnmobil

The customized bodies from JOKO Wohnmobilausbau are designed using CAD software in constant collaboration with the customer and then developed according to the customer’s specific requests. Furniture installations, seating systems, accessory parts or technical features are integrated during the planning phase, quickly providing customers with an image of the finished product. Everything can be easily moved and modified using the three-dimensional computer model to create the final concept of the customer’s dream Sprinter. A number of the camper van bodies are also presented in the guestbook on JOKO’s website.

Interior from JOKO-Wohnmobil

An interior from JOKO-Wohnmobil.

Woelcke: something a little larger?

Woelcke GmbH

Woelcke specializes in camper vans and expedition vehicles and has decades of experience, reflected by the image gallery on the company’s homepage. Woelcke has been manufacturing custom-built vehicles for 28 years and the company’s bodies can be found on the roads from Morocco to Ethiopia to Kyrgyzstan. The German body manufacturer offers those customers who need something a little larger autonomous campervan and off-road bodies that are always designed for their specific usage and the customer’s own unique needs. The Autark Runner for the Sprinter is a popular body. Fully insulated and suitable for winter, the body features everything from heating to a water supply.

White Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in a desert as a camper van

The Autark Marokko Runner from Woelcke – a popular body.

Vansports Camper – sportlich-elegant auf Tour.

Heinz Hartmann GmbH

Go skiing in the mountains with the whole family – in comfort and style. The company Hartmann-Tuning from Neuss in Germany can manage this balancing act: their brand “Vansportscamper” converts Vito, Sprinter and V-Class into a new home and combines maximum functionality with timeless elegance. Thus, the built-in furniture modules are not only very high-quality, but can also be easily removed, in order to create more space. Equally practical is the adjustable roof bed as well as the removable seats. In addition to emphasizing the sporty characteristics of the vehicles, numerous refinements are possible: whether it is aluminum rims, leather seats or carbon design – the vans also work for a business meeting on the road.

A group of young people in the mountains at sunset.

No destination is too far away with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the right camping body.

Orangework – for real world travelers.

Orangework GmbH & Co. Kg

Those who enter here can leave behind their daily routine for a long time: Orangework’s expedition vehicles represent a form of mobility that is more than motorway, camping and mass tourism. The vans from Cologne, Germany are at home on every terrain – and in every climate zone. Whether it is tree trunks, slopes or even the African desert, nothing can stop them. This is why world travelers, who do not want to give up a certain degree of comfort are particularly enthusiastic about the vehicles. The van is also a small house on wheels, including kitchen, living room, bed and bathroom facilities. A particularly magnificent conversion: the Sprinter, which was equipped for an adventurous couple with comfortable seating and TV system.

Terracab – aluminum cabins as houses on four wheels.

Terracab GmbH

Actually, the owners of Terracab build metal facades, roofs or drain pipes. But when they wanted go on a journey in a motorhome, they realized that something was missing -namely comfort and coziness. So the two colleagues from Germany decided to use their knowledge about sheet metal processing for an additional purpose: for aluminum cabins, in which you feel at home on the road. The cabins are mainly attached to vans like the Sprinter and surprise with their cozy furnishings – individually manufactured, of course. Despite the kitchen, bed and bathroom facilities, the cabin inside is spacious, the furniture is high-quality and practical at the same time. Even on uneven terrain the stable cabins of Terracab remain one of the most comfortable.

A Sprinter with an interior from Terracab

The cabins surprise with their cozy furnishings.


Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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