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The Trakka “Jabiru”: a luxury mobile apartment in the Australian Outback.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter long wheelbase parked in the middle of an Australian clearing.

Trakka’s Jabiru goes beyond the usual Sprinter van configuration: it is a luxury motorhome with a driver’s cabin, living and dining space, kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping area.

Three quality living spaces in a fourteen square meter motorhome.

The seven meter long Sprinter drives along a row of eucalyptus and stops in the middle of a clearing, having found its spot for the night. The electric awning deploys and moments later the driver and passenger are comfortably enjoying a cool Australian evening protected from the rain. ‘Jabiru’ is the name of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that Trakka has converted into a motorhome. Forty kilometers north of Sydney, the family-run business specializes in converting vans into luxurious campervans and motorhomes. Alex, the founders’ eldest daughter, explained how every detail of the Jabiru is designed to ensure maximum comfort. The front seats can simply be turned around after driving, allowing maximum use of the front cabin; two-meter-long single beds are easily converted into a double bed and the bathroom toilet electrically retracts underneath the basin to provide a very large showering space. Given the demanding nature of the Australian countryside, Trakka has even developed a special package option for travelling around the ‘land down under’ in high-end luxury.

The interior of the Jabiru Sprinter motorhome with swivel seats, a kitchen and a sleeping area.

Front swivel seats simply turn around to become part of the living area with a view of the kitchen and the sleeping space.

The Remote Pack: fitted for long Australian rides.

“Tasmania offers some of the most beautiful unspoiled landscapes,” explains Alex. A tour through the Tamar Valley to discover unexpected wineries is only one of her many travel recommendations. But first, you need to be well equipped. The Remote Pack is intelligently configured for long journeys around Australia. It allows the motorhome to run on energy from only one source: diesel. This means that there is no need to search for gas to refill the supply for the cooktop, the water or room heating, even in the most far-off places. If the Jabiru Sprinter’s hundred liter tank does not allow enough autonomy, the Remote Pack also features solar panels for greater sustainability. A smart way to make most of the Australian sunshine.

Alex’s top three travel destinations.

  1. White Cliffs, Outback New South Wales.
    “An opal mining town where the residents primarily live underground to escape the heat of summer. Check out the incredible landscape and camp amongst the diggings!”
  2. South Coast of New South Wales.
    “Towns like Bowral, Berry, Gerroa and Gerringong are a nice change of pace from Australia’s major cities. Plus, there are plenty of National Parks to check out.”
  3. Tour of Tasmania.
    “Tasmania offers some of the most beautiful unspoiled landscapes. Check out the Museum of Old and New Art, the Tamar Valley wineries and the Cradle Mountain Huts Overland Track Walk.”

Sprinter Jabiru parked in a clearing with the awning deployed.

Solar panels extend the Sprinter Jabiru’s energy capacity, designed to remain comfortable even after months of travelling.

Trakka: serving explorers, surfers and vacationers since 1973.

Like most of the team, Alex has been with Trakka for a long time. Her father, Dave, founded the business in 1973 on “the dream of freedom when travelling around great and diverse Australia”. His passion for mobile adventures started when he was a teenager driving along the coast in search of the best surfing waves or up into the mountains for skiing. His girlfriend joined the company in 1975 and their three children now support them running a team of twenty five people. Their relationship with Mercedes-Benz began in 1997 and their Jabiru is one of their most desired models. The vehicle is named after a town in Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory. The team’s passion for camping and travelling is the best guarantee for well-designed vehicles. Nothing is left to chance: Trakka also offers a four-wheel drive version of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for those looking for greater adventure in the Australian wilderness.

Profile Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - Trakka Jabiru


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Long Wheelbase


3.0 L V6 Turbo Diesel


Seven-speed automatic

Special Features

Front swivel seats; single bed layout (convertible into double bed); Switch Mode Bathroom (with retractable toilet); LED strip lighting; roller shutter doors; reversing camera


Remote Pack: Diesel-powered cooktop, water and room heating; solar panels; 18 mm insulation

Fold in
Fold out
White Jabiru with open side windows parked in a clearing. Three people are sitting next to it.

“I love camping in national parks and prefer the true wilderness experience off the beaten track compared with caravan parks”, Alex told us.

Twin beds inside the Trakka Jabiru Sprinter.

The twin bed combination offers a comfortable two-meter-long sleeping length.

Double bed inside the Trakka Jabiru Sprinter.

The twin bed combination can be easily converted into a spacious double bed.

Inside the bathroom of the Jabiru Sprinter: the toilet is stored under the basin.

The Switch Mode Bathroom is Trakka’s own patented invention: the toilet electrically retracts underneath the basin, providing a larger space for the shower.

The shown conversions were carried out by independent third parties. The suppliers and conversions were not checked by Mercedes-Benz. In this respect, these illustrations do not represent an assessment of the supplier and/or conversions by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos: Trakka

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