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Vans & BBQ? The perfect match!

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The grill master Tobias Walker has more than just steaks in his Vito. The Weber Grill Academy puts things on the barbecue which you would never have expected. Care to bet?

The Weber Grill Academy – Skills for the grill

The first rays of the spring sun have barely broken through the clouds and the supermarkets have already begun to run out of barbecue charcoal while grill smoke begins to rise from terraces and parks. Barbecuing is booming and is one of the last bastions for real men. Tobias Walker has made his passion into his profession. The trained chef is the grill master at the Weber Grill Academy in Berlin. For him, barbecuing is far more than just grilling meat: it is all about quality of life, fun and is a science in itself. Every evening he passes on his knowledge and enthusiasm to his course participants. Does meat from a charcoal grill truly taste better than from a gas or electric barbecue? Should you salt the steak before or afterwards? How does the world-famous cover system of the Weber Grills actually work? Even experienced barbecue fans can learn a lot here – because salads, pasta and even ice cream all wind up on the grill. So it is no surprise that the courses are booked out a long time in advance. Every year, approximately 30,000 barbecue fans learn the best way to turn the meat at the academies located throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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