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With the Sprinter straight into vacation paradise

The Mercedes-Benz Hymer Sprinter ML-T

Safe, comfortable and versatile: the Hymer-Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz is not only a perfect van but also an outstanding camper van.

Load up, get in and go

Only two hours and the time has come: the camper van is ready and the vacation can begin! Well almost. Because a mountain of luggage is piling up in front of the house: bikes for the kids, an XXL inflatable boat and the gas barbecue along with the gas bottles all need to be loaded into the camper van’s luggage compartment. And then there are all of the provisions for the two week vacation to southern France, as well. But even that is no reason to panic: MYVAN has two camper vans  recommendations ready for an unforgettable vacation: The Hymer ML-I and ML-T: both based on the Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz.

Semi-integrated all-rounder: The Hymer ML-T

Candidate number one is the Hymer ML-T. It is a semi-integrated camper van. Semi-integrated camper vans combine maximum mobility with excellent travel comfort thanks to their compact dimensions, among other things. As does the 3.5 tonne Hymer ML-T. It is equipped with features such as a single-level floor, a large seating area along with a table including an extension as standard. The brightly lit interior is very spacious with a flexible design and also offers plenty of luggage space and a variety of storage options. The sport-safety chassis is a standard feature and provides safe travelling comfort. Even off-road, the Hymer ML-T 4×4 makes a confident impression. Equipped with all-wheel drive, the camper van transforms into an SUV. The 8.5 centimetres higher vehicle level also increases its wading depth. In addition, an optional snorkel provides the 129 to 190 hp diesel engines with air. Who says that a vacation cannot be an adventure?

Everything under one roof: The Hymer ML-I

The Hymer ML-I is also based on the Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz. Because the ML-I is a fully-integrated camper van, it does not have the characteristic look with the visible Sprinter cab like the ML-T. Instead, it is equipped with a body which is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the chassis. The dimensions with a height of 2.90 metres, a width of 2.22 metres and a length of 6.99 metres hint at the exceptionally spacious interior of this premium camper van. Furthermore, the ML-I is equipped with excellent insulation making it the perfect partner for a winter vacation. It also features the single-level floor. Furthermore, a garage at the rear of the ML-I provides additional storage space. The ML-I is also available with four powerful diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz – both four- and six-cylinder engines. The performance ranges from 129 to 190 hp. Vacation drivers who value comfort can also order the optional 7-speed automatic transmission.

Like driving on rails

The weather conditions are not always perfect when travelling to a vacation paradise. The Crosswind Assist is absolutely essential in gusty winds as camper vans are especially vulnerable to the wind because of their body structures. The Crosswind Assist is a standard feature on the Hymer ML-T. How it works: The ESP system identifies the forces affecting the body and specifically brakes individual wheels facing into the side wind. The system creates a vehicle movement which counteracts the wind. This ensures a relaxed journey along windy coastal roads or across bridges in stormy weather. The Sprinter’s intrinsically comfortable handling, the precise steering and durable disc brakes on the front and rear axles also support the driver.

Hymer and Mercedes-Benz: long term alliance

The Hymer name is a major player in the caravan and camper van industry. Since 1923 the Hymer plant in Bad Waldsee has manufactured high-quality, long-lasting camper vans such as the S-Model or the Hymer Eriba Touring camper van, which continue to enjoy cult status. The Hymer Eriba 474 L (left) is another one of these cult camper vans. Even then the camper van specialist relied on the brand with the star: The chassis and the engine of the 474 L already came from Mercedes-Benz.

Auch der Integrierte Hymer ML-I basiert auf dem Sprinter von Mercedes-Benz.

Generationentreff: Die Hymermobile 474 L, ML-T und ML-I (von links nach rechts).

Eine Kooperation mit Tradition: Hymer und Mercedes-Benz.

Optional lässt sich der Hymer ML-T auch mit Allrad aufrüsten.


Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
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