Ready to discover the world with the RYNO.

A woman driving on a RYNO along a road

Flexibility and comfort can be combined with the RYNO: The one-wheeled motorcycle is particularly manoeuvrable and thus becomes the perfect partner on the way to work or to the shopping center.

What can the RYNO do in day-to-day life?

Rush hour on the streets: Traffic jams lasting for hours make the way to work a veritable ordeal, and rapid progress from A to B is impossible. Alternatives are sought. Flexibility, dynamics and agility are becoming increasingly important – and this is where RYNO comes into play. What at first seems like a slimmed-down version of a motorcycle or the upgrade of a Segway, actually offers much more. The aim is to make motorized passenger transport as comfortable and practical as possible. Elevators, offices and cycle paths are the terrain of the RYNO, because with a maximum speed of approximately 16 kilometers per hour, a range of up to 24 kilometers and a payload of about 117 kilograms, the vehicle offers optimal conditions to act as a partner on the way to work, the next shopping tour or even at the airport. The possibility of a 360-degree turnaround makes the RYNO virtually boundlessly mobile and fills the gaps of the transport system in all areas that could be covered on foot.

A woman fills the side pockets of her RYNO mobile

Practical for next week’s shopping – with the separately available saddlebags, the RYNO offers plenty of storage space.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

For Chris Hoffmann, CEO and founder of RYNO Motors, a joint fishing trip with his 13-year-old daughter was to spark off the exciting idea. Out of the silence she asked, “hey daddy, I saw a one wheel motorcycle in a video game, could something like that actually be built?” Already with 15 years of experience as a machine designer, this question would not let him rest. He started researching and enrolled in a local high school for a mechanical engineering course and built the first prototype. Some models later he was convinced of the advantage that this vehicle would bring in the future. “It’s a product that allows people to not isolate themselves in their fast car but to go out among the people and be with them side by side, eye to eye in ways that builds trust and community,” explains the inventor.

Two people are standing with a RYNO on a bridge in the city.

With RYNO you are in direct communication with others instead of being isolated.

Environmentally friendly design.

The potential of the RYNO lies not only in direct communication with fellow human beings, but also in the saving of fuel: Equipped with an electric motor and a double extractable battery system, it reduces emissions not only during the time of use, but also during production. The device can optionally be equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which can be charged up to 1,000 times more often than the supplied SLA batteries. The operation is similar to that of a Segway, i.e. if you lean forward, the speed increases, if you lean backwards, it slows down. It is also controlled by your own weight distribution. In dangerous situations, the integrated stop assistance system helps by pushing the wheel forwards and thus accelerating the braking process.

  • The RYNO from the front
  • The RYNO side-view
  • The RYNO side-view

The mobile future with RYNO.

Chris Hoffmann sees in his device, as he says, the potential to participate in the worldwide revolution. In the world’s major cities, especially in Asia, congestion could be reduced by shifting traffic from the roads to sidewalks and lanes. The first RYNOs are already on the road in the United States. It is not yet clear whether the move to Europe will follow. “We have moved away from manufacturing the RYNO ourselves to a global business model where we are planning to work through licensing contracts to facilitate the RYNO bike being manufactured locally in different geographic regions,” says Hoffmann.

Two people are standing in an industrial complex with a RYNO

Reducing traffic jams with the miniature motorcycle – Chris Hoffmann, CEO and founder of RYNO Motors believes this is possible.

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