Two Vito E-CELLs on the road every day


"My heart beats for electricity! Great for the environment, fantastic for Freiburg!": Two Vito E-CELLs have been on the road in Freiburg's inner city with this motto.

Electric on the building site

The Freiburg company, Elektro Ullmann, has been running two Vito E-CELLs since the end of August 2013 and can tackle almost any task with the new vans. Thanks to a variety of different shelving systems for tools and materials, the two panel vans are perfectly equipped for use on building sites. The vehicles travel roughly 20 to 50 km every day as they journey to building and construction sites. Recharging during the course of the day is no problem at all as the company has its own charging station.

Driving pleasure and charging stations

Reiner Ullmann is enthusiastic about his new vehicles: “Getting behind the wheel feels fantastic. Everyone who has driven an electric vehicle says something positive about it. They are simply fun to drive.” The idea of using electric vehicles came up spontaneously during a routine meeting with the employees and the master electrician. The Mercedes-Benz branch in Freiburg soon made a test vehicle available for them to try and Reiner Ullmann was quickly convinced. “I am almost euphoric when it comes to electro-mobility. It is an interesting field and I want to support it and find out more about the technology, especially the charging technology.” The entrepreneur has developed this enthusiasm into an intelligent business idea: After participating in a variety of different training seminars he has now become an “Expert for C” and a “Specialist for charging infrastructure”. So when a charging station for electric vehicles is required in Freiburg, Ullmann’s company can install it without any problems. That is one reason why the native of Freiburg numbers among the most innovative entrepreneurs in his field and why the next electric vehicle, a smart fortwo electric drive, has already been ordered.

Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL at loading station.

Der Freiburger Elektroinstallateurmeister Reiner Ullmann setzt auf den Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL.

White Mercedes-Benz Vito with opfen sliding door.

Der Freiburger Elektroinstallateurmeister Reiner Ullmann setzt auf den Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL.


The Vito helps you get ahead – both out on the road and in your business. Its cost-effectiveness and quality are as exemplary as its versatility and safety.

Mercedes-Benz Vito
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