Vito E-CELL: Ice Dancing

The new Vito E-CELL on the road.

After the electric van successfully passed through road trials in central Europe, Finnish companies put it to the test in icy sub-zero temperatures.

The cold test

In February 2012, nine different electric vehicles gathered for the „Electric Traffic Helsinki Test Bed Project“ – among them a Vito E-CELL. The event took place as part of Helsinki being recognized as the “World Design Capital 2012”. The electric vehicles drove through the inner city to the Senate Square in the historical center in an almost silent convoy. Temperatures below -20° also represent a true challenge for older combustion engine vehicles.

Vito E-CELL: Ice Dancing

Good reputation

The Vito E-CELL has proven its everyday utility in Finland’s ice and snow. It is already successfully on the road in German and Spanish urban centers. Helsinki has begun local emission-free inner city delivery transport with 12 vehicles. A number of Finnish energy suppliers already use the Vito E-CELL on a day-to-day basis. The city administration, a construction company and the commercial vehicle rental company, Veho Charter Way, also include the Vito E-Cell in their fleets.

Theory versus practice

The companies are currently exploring the practical application scenarios for distribution transport and advertising the use of electric vehicles. The vehicles sport letterings such as “clean driving” or “on the road in a better world”. Aalto University in Helsinki is carrying out a practical study examining which charging stations are especially important at which locations, which construction measures need to be taken, the quantities of electricity required per charging facility and how the power supply can be safeguarded. And naturally: The effects of winter conditions on battery capacity.

Vito E-CELL: Ice Dancing

More than the minimum

The Vito E-CELL’s electric motor provides a power output of 60 kW and a torque of 280 Nm. The durable lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 36 kWh is mounted on a protected location under the load compartment floor. The loading space provides capacity for approximately 900 kg. The Vito E-CELL is limited to a maximum speed of 89 km/h. This provides it with a range of 130 km – more than adequate for day-to-day usage because the average daily distance travelled by an inner-city delivery van ranges between 50 and 80 km. The vehicles participating in the “Electric Traffic Helsinki Test Bed Project” all coped perfectly with the difficult icy temperatures. They all arrived at their destination as you can see here:

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An orange Vito E-Cell

Vito E-Cells dancing on ice

A silver Vito E-Cell dancing on ice

Vehicles on a snow covered street

Mercedes-Benz Vito parked on ice

A Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell in action

Vito E-Cells during a presentation

Vito E-Cells during a presentation

A Vito E-Cell

Vito E-Cell dancing on ice

Parked Vito E-Cells

A white Vito E-Cell in front of a Mercedes-Benz dealer

A white Vito E-Cell with I love Kuopio print

Vito E-Cell with I love Kuopio print from the side

A white Vito E-Cell from the side

A white Vito E-Cell from the side


The Vito helps you get ahead – both out on the road and in your business. Its cost-effectiveness and quality are as exemplary as its versatility and safety.

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