“Gourmet Hot Dogs” in a Mercedes-Benz Van

The Popdogs food truck counters the burger trend in London with gourmet hot dogs – very successfully.

The tasty hot dogs from Popdogs are made with so much love.

Customers love the gourmet hot dogs of Popdogs.

The team from Popdogs wants to have a good time with their customers.

The converted Mercedes-Benz van from Popdogs.

The customers show their enthusiasm about the different creations from Popdogs.

Some customers eat up to eight hotdogs, one after the other.

The Popdogs food truck sells Gourmet Hot Dogs in a Mercedes-Benz van.

Popdogs became one of the most popular food trucks in Britain’s capital.

The new food truck from Popdogs brings gourmet flavors to London

Midnight in London. In the distance you can hear 12 hollow chimes of a bell. But in a fashion metropolis like this you neither change into a werewolf nor your carriage into a pumpkin: Those with a feel for fashion put on pink gloves. Provided they are close to the Popdogs truck and have just ordered a "Dirty Dog". "A truly dirty mess", laughs Monty Bhurjee, the founder and manager of Popdogs, one of the most popular food trucks in Britain's capital. That is why the garish gloves are available free instead of serviettes.

Monty realized that food is the new way to party. But instead of jumping on the burger bandwagon he prefers to help the good old hotdog to achieve new cult status. "A sausage is simply more fun than a burger", says the Popdogs owner once again with a laugh. The ambiguity is intentional because here the name of the game is: "Food porn". That is why the hotdog compositions have colorful names such as "Clinton’s Lovechild" and "Morning Glory".

Mercedes-Benz Van Popdogs

Customers are enthusiastic about the amazing creations from Popdogs

Monty, a former stockbroker, eventually had enough of the world of finance. He no longer wants the pressure on spending all his time staring at monitors. Instead, he just wants to have a good time. "With good people", he emphasizes. The best way to do that: good food! Then he comes up with the idea of buying a used Mercedes-Benz van, the Düsseldorfer, and converting it into a mobile street restaurant. The conversion work is finished in 2013 and includes a small kitchen along with a counter. The food truck is ready to roll. Monty only hires friends because the days are long and the fun factor is important. The well-travelled van now sets out to conquer London's streets, lively festivals throughout Great Britain and, above all: the customers' hearts at top speed.

The fun factor at Popdogs is important.

"Camel Toe" as a recipe for success

Some customers eat up to eight hotdogs, one after the other. But remember: per person. The house specialty is a lamb merguez "Camel Toe". The food truck also has the perfect treat for dedicated vegetarians: the "Hairy Angel". All of the ingredients are specially selected in keeping with the spirit of the times: The gluten-free bread rolls are delivered fresh every day by a trusted baker. Organic meat is par for the course and no chemical additives are used. Naturally, the Londoners honor food made with so much love – by proudly presenting the creative hotdogs to the tourists. That is why Popdogs is the very first street food vendor to hawk its wares in the legendary Madame Tussaud's. So it is only a question of (probably very little) time until these hotdogs truly are on everyone's lips.

The Team from Popdogs in the Mercedes-Benz van.

Photos: Popdogs

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