Van profile: Mercedes-Benz O 319

The Mercedes-Benz O 319 entered into mass production with the L 319 in 1956 and became a symbol of the economic miracle.

Profile Mercedes-Benz O 319


Daimler-Benz AG

Production period

1956 - 1968

Production location

from 1956 Mannheim / from 1962 Düsseldorf

Successor model

309 series




Diesel engnes 32kW (43hp), later up to 55hp / Gasoline engines 48kW (65)






2,850 mm


1.6 - 1.8 tonnes

Gross vehicle weight

3.6 tonnes

Fold in
Fold out

Mercedes-Benz O 319

At the IAA in 1955, the former Daimler-Benz AG presented the L 319 and also introduced its minibus partner, the O 319. In the following year, the vehicle with 10 to 18 seats was available in functional variants as both a line bus for commuter traffic and also tour bus versions. The top-of-the-line model with two-color paintwork, roof-edge glazing, folding sliding roof and luxury seats for ten passengers rounded out the program. 

By the year 1968, 72,000 units of the L 319 and O 319 had run off the assembly line in Düsseldorf.

The O 319 was mass produced from 1956 to 1968.

Just like its partner the L 319, the O 319 is distinguished by the oval radiator grille and the panorama front windscreen.

The O 319 top-of-the-line model is distinguished by its roof-edge glazing, the folding sliding roof, the two-color paintwork and the luxury seats for ten passengers.

Individual seats with red velour, adjustable backrests, luggage racks and chromed ashtrays – the interior of the O 319 creates a luxurious atmosphere.

The minibuses were initially manufactured at the production plant in Mannheim. When the production site was relocated to Sindelfingen in 1962, the bus production was also relocated to Düsseldorf. The O 319 was soon regarded as a symbol of the economic miracle and became a key influence on the career of the entire model family.

As of 1956, the O 319 was used as a line bus for commuter traffic and also as a tour bus.

Photos: Kai Knörzer


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