10. June 2017
The L 319 from a classic vehicle dealership is a real “Blue Wonder” premium
The third generation of the Hagenlocher family is dedicated to new and old Mercedes-Benz vehicles. A unique and now famous L 319 is a symbol of this passion.
22. April 2017
Vans of Berlin x MYVAN: The Mercedes-Benz O 309 premium
In cooperation with the Instagram channel "Vans of Berlin", we present you a photo gallery from the German capital on the Spree River featuring the Mercedes-Benz O 309.
10. April 2017
Van profile: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 CDI premium
The updated Sprinter 313 CDI is produced and delivered from the year 2000 onward.
17. March 2017
Van profile: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI premium
In 2002, the Sprinter was upgraded with additional, more efficient functions including the automatic start-stop function.
28. February 2017
Van profile: Mercedes-Benz L 206 D premium
Over the course of its 22-year history, the L 206 D changes manufacturers three times. In 1970, it is offered as a Mercedes-Benz model.
18. January 2017
Van profile: Mercedes-Benz 208 D Sprinter premium
Shaped the face of an entire vehicle class – the Mercedes-Benz 208 D Sprinter. Its diversity has made the Sprinter a best-seller since 1995.