Vans of Berlin x MYVAN: The Mercedes-Benz 207 D

In cooperation with the Instagram channel “Vans of Berlin”, we present you a photo gallery from the German capital on the Spree River featuring the Mercedes-Benz 207 D.

The television tower, Brandenburg Gate and the victory column are tourist attractions that everyone in Berlin knows. Yet Germany’s capital city also has other highlights for van fans. Historical Mercedes-Benz vans in many different model versions and colors, including a few rarities. The photographer Linnart Unger runs the “Vans of Berlin” Instagram channel and searches the city for undiscovered van icons. In cooperation with the channel, MYVAN presents the fourth part of the shared series, an image gallery featuring the Mercedes-Benz 207 D. The “Bremer Transporter” replaced its predecessor the “Harburger Transporter” in 1977. Even at first glance, it was clear that the 207 D was a new model. With its short-hood design, large windscreen and new systems for active and passive driving safety, the van set new standards. The 207 D featured the powerful four-cylinder OM 616 diesel engine. Even today, the “Bremer Transporter” remains a legend on wheels and is used in many different areas. It is especially popular as a camper van. The Portuguese couple, Bianca and Hugo, even rent out the 207 D to enthusiastic guests as mobile accommodation.

Overview of the 207 D
Manufacturer  Daimler-Benz AG
 Production period 1977 – 1982
Production location Bremen
Predecessor model  Harburger Transporter
 Successor model  T2 “Düsseldorfer”
 Design  Panel van, flatbed
 Length  4870 mm
 Height  2400 mm
 Wheelbase  3050 mm
 Permitted gross vehicle weight  2810 kg
 Engines  OM 616 2.4 l
65 hp (48 kW)

Are you interested in the story behind the “Vans of Berlin”? Click here for an interview with Linnart Unger, the man who runs the Instagram channel:


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Vans of Berlin
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